Ah…if only winter just lasted ten days, amiright? Actually, I love winter for lots of reasons–and one of the best is the built-in excuse to stay on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa to read all day long!

If you need just such an excuse, please let me provide it.

These ten books will be 99 cents each and my sale begins January 29 (along with a kickoff party on Facebook which you can join here: ). I was going to have a party on Facebook but the fates did not align. The good news is I’ll have the giveaways running that day anyway–so if you’re not in my Facebook group, why not join now? Jade’s Bullet Babes would love to welcome you!

January 29

BREAKING NEWS (Nicki Sosebee #6) takes place just as the snow is starting to fall in Winchester…but things are heating up!

“This was the first book that I actually appreciated Nicki’s girl friends, Brandy and Jillian. In previous books they didn’t seem to carry much weight but here Jamison uses them to push the story forward. I finally got the back story on Nicki and Sean that I had been hoping for and now I can honestly say I’m torn between him and Jesse. I’m ready for Nicki and Sean to give their relationship a shot so I can compare and decide who I’m really going to root for.” My Secret Book Spot

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January 30

LOVE AND CHRISTMAS (Small Town Secrets #9) is a story that takes place just as winter is starting…but things heat up for Serena!

“This book made me very happy. A fairly short story about a single mom and her young son at Christmas, and their getting to meet Santa. As the mother of a once little boy, I felt very connected right away to the characters, and it even had a small visit by another Winchester favorite! It definitely helped ease me into the holiday spirit, and made me hungry for some good homemade stew (in my crockpot right now) and getting tangled in the tinsel with Santa! Loved it, would even enjoy a sequel!” JJM, 5 stars

99 cents on AMAZON US, UK, AU, and CA (if you’re in Canada or Australia and the US links don’t redirect you as they’re supposed to, please let me know in the comments. Thank you!)

January 31

CHRISTMAS STALKINGS (Bullet #5) focuses on the danger of obsessed fans–but Brad and Val take the family on a vacation in Colorado’s high country during ski season.

“I love the Bullet series by Jade C Jamison. I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. We get to spend Christmas with the amazing and hot couple of Brad and Val. What should be a relaxing family Christmas turns into a stressful, scary, and anxious holiday when Val’s stalker follows them to their holiday get-a-way. The twists and turns keep you engaged and guessing along with Val who the stalker is and if they will make their presence known. When the stalker does step out of the shadows, things get dicey and someone gets hurt.” 5 stars, Amy

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February 1

CHARADE (Pretense and Promises #1)-Brock and Erica travel all over Colorado pretending to be engaged as winter arrives–but that doesn’t stop things from heating up with them!

“Wow! Wow, Wow, Wow, WOW! This was one of the best fake fiancé stories I have ever read! Talk about a slo-o-o-o-o-w bu-u-u-u-rn, bring you to your knees read!” Mary Lou, PagePrincess Blog

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February 2

BAD NEWS FIRST (Nicki Sosebee #7) – the winter in Winchester is long and cold…but Nicki manages to keep herself quite warm.

“This book turned out to be one of my faves so far (can’t complain when Jamison cranks up the heat and romance) and I love love love the direction Nicki’s life is going (minus the crazy people who want her out of the way).” Sue B., 5 stars


February 3

SAVAGE – a brutal winter of survival…but Nina and Kevin’s love keep them warm.

“Savage is a stunning portrayal of survival, strength, love and hope in a world ravaged by disease and pain. A thought-provoking and thrilling read that leaves a profound and lasting impact. Absolutely Brilliant.” Kelly, Perusing Princesses

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February 4

SCORCHED (Feverish #2)–it’s chilly in southern Colorado but quite toasty in Sam’s bedroom.

“Sam and Grace’s book is…gosh dare I say it…so sweet. Yes, friends Jade wrote an angsty book and the love story between these characters is amazing. The love story is told so effortlessly…” Angie J, Twinsie Talk Book Blog

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Oh! BOILING POINT (Feverish #1) is also 99 cents on AMAZON!

February 5

In MAKING NEWS (Nicki Sosebee #11), Nicki’s investigating heated murders in the coldest of weather, made all the more icy by what she finds.

We’re back in Winchester but for once, life for Nicki isn’t a bed of roses!

“I love this series with a passion and could re-read each instalment again and again. Nicki Sosebee is a larger than life character and her free loving attitude towards men may at times have been extreme but her love for Sean anchors her in her times of need, and boy does she have her fair share of them! Despite being on book #11, I find myself still wanting more from this amazing series…” Jezabell Girl


February 6

HEAT: BOOK ONE is free everywhere. Why is a book named Heat featured in a 10 Days of Winter party? Because it’s wintertime in the book! 😉 Fortunately, Rachel’s not having problems staying warm!

“This book is HAWT…I mean Fan yourself hawt from the first opening scene all the way through until the finale page. The chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS!!” Angie J., Twinsie Talk Book Blog


February 7

In SEAL ALL EXITS, Heather, Kiefer, and the gang are in a cabin in a forest and the snow is coming–but things are plenty hot inside!

“Jade has an astounding way of writing that draws me right into her stories and pulls on every one of my emotions….Seal All Exits is a touching, emotional story of two people with different backgrounds, who both have their own demons to overcome.” Amy, Amazon reviewer

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It might be cold outside but, baby, your ereader is HOT!!!