One More Time!

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Originally posted on December 4, 2011

Whew. It’s finally done. What am I talking about? One More Time. I know several of you have been eagerly awaiting the latest Nicki Sosebee installment, and it should be up on Amazon in the next few days, probably Tuesday at the latest.

So what’s in store for Nicki this time, and how can I preview it for you without giving too much away? Ooooo, that might be a little tough, but how about just a few bullet points?

  • You finally get to meet some of Jesse’s family.
  • Jesse makes a huuuuge move.
  • He also makes a huuuuge mistake.
  • Sean’s political savvy comes in handy.
  • You also get a glimpse into part of Sean’s past.
  • Nicki tries to use her articles for the greater good.

So you probably still have no idea what’s going on, right? Where’s the fun in that? Well, I wanted to explore some things in One More Time, and here are a few of the themes:

  • Nicki doesn’t just care about herself. She cares about people, both in general and specifically. When she discovers the overwhelming problem of poverty in Winchester, she decides to see how her position as a freelance reporter can shed some light on the issues. But when she pushes too far, her reporting gets to the point where it could hurt someone she really cares about, and she has to decide how far she will push it.
  • Nicki has to grapple with her feelings for Jesse. She finds that, while both she and Jesse love each other, one of them is A LOT more serious than the other, and Nicki isn’t quite sure how to handle it. It leads to some awkward, painful moments in their budding relationship.
  • A lot of readers (and Nicki’s friends too!) don’t “get” the whole Sean thing, that is, Nicki’s perma-obsession with Sean. I promise you all will be revealed in the near future. But that door begins to open in this Nicki book and will continue opening wider in the next Nicki book, Lost.

So…keep your eyes peeled. Merry Christmas, my friends. And drop me a line or post a comment. Let me know what you think!

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