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Deals for Wednesday, December 6, 2023


Press Pause, Charli B. Rose

Four years ago, I had the guy of my dreams, an amazing best friend and a plan for my future. A series of missteps cost me everything. But I survived, and I was on a new path. Fortune finally smiled on me. Then as I was preparing to embrace a new destiny, my past showed up. And he was wearing a tux and that devastating smirk that always made my heart race. I should’ve run the minute he called my name. But I didn’t. We couldn’t go back. But just maybe we could press pause for a little while.



Dirty Boys 2 (Dirty Boys Bad Boy Rock Stars #2), Jade C. Jamison

***ON SALE FROM 12/6/23-12/10/23! Don’t miss it!***

If you love rockstar romance and like bad boy heroes, then sink your teeth into this juicy follow-up to Dirty Boys Box Set #1! Enjoy four full-length romance novels in this steamy contemporary romance box set!

Bad boy Clay “Jet” Smith has enjoyed acting the part of rock star god / incorrigible bad boy since his breakup with rock goddess Valerie Quinn. He’s racking up quite a score playing the field with no to settle down. His biggest problem these days is meeting his obligations. He’s so busy having fun, he forgets the important things.

Enter recent graduate Emily Brinkman as his personal assistant. It’s not like before Clay finds a fire burning in his belly for her that will only be quenched one way.

Too bad she’s engaged to another guy. But has that ever stopped a bad boy?

Forbidden desire is just the beginning…

Jessica, a grad student with financial woes, is approached by a married woman convinced her husband Kage is cheating on her. When she makes Jessica an offer she can’t refuse, Jessica attempts to destroy the woman’s marriage.

She succeeds but discovers something else: rocker Kage might be a bad boy…but is it possible they could be soulmates?

As they attempt to carve out their places in each other’s lives, Jessica finds herself plagued with doubts, and she begins to suspect that Kage is once a cheater, always a cheater. Can their instalove relationship survive or was it doomed from the start?

He shouldn’t have expected his best friend to stay single forever…

Katie’s had a secret crush on her best friend Johnny Church since high school, but he’s never looked at her the same way. When he leaves home to become a famous rock star, she stays behind, eventually becoming engaged.

But when Johnny comes home to visit, things seem different somehow. He’s still her friend—but there’s something else there. And Katie realizes she should have told Johnny she has a fiancé, because maybe the attraction is mutual after all…

Why the hell do I still love Tyler Green?

More importantly, why am I afraid to admit it to anyone, most of all myself?

Maybe it’s because I stayed behind in our little town, settling into a boring librarian job. Or is it because Tyler’s now the frontman for a successful rock band?

And hotter than ever.

Of course, he wouldn’t care about me all these years later—or anyone else here, for that matter. And that’s how my bestie is finally able to talk me into going to our ten-year high school reunion.

Except he does show up.

And he is interested. At least he is for now. The question is if we can last beyond the weekend.

This box set also includes two bonus stories!

What are you waiting for? Go discover your next bad boy book boyfriend (or two) inside this anthology now!


By the way…Christmas is coming early this year. Dirty Boys #1 is also free while this box set is on sale!


Sing for Me (Ransom Family #1), Rachel Schurig

Will Ransome was born into rock and roll royalty. His dad and uncles make up the most popular rock band in recent history. His siblings and cousins had instruments in their hands before they were old enough to read. Music is in his blood. But Will wants nothing to do with it. Will learned the hard way that fame and fortune are not all they’re cracked up to be. There’s a dark side to the rock and roll life, and Will had a front row seat to the destruction it caused. Now he’s determined to stay far from his famous father’s footsteps.

Eva Lidell was poised to be the next big thing when her world came crashing down. Instead of enjoying life as America’s foremost pop princess, Eva now spends most of her time hiding away from the world she can no longer trust. When Will meets Eva, something he didn’t even know was missing clicks into place. The sparks between them are instantaneous. Overwhelming. Dangerous.

For the first time, both Will and Eva think they might be able to share their bruised and battered hearts with someone else… Until Eva decides it’s time for her to give superstardom another try, leaving Will to wonder if they have any chance together. How can he fall in love with a woman determined to work her way back to the same spotlight that nearly ruined his life?






Reader Favorite Rockstar Romance Novels You’ll Love

Deals for Wednesday, November 29, 2023


The Offstage Fling, Sofia Aves

Everything Xoan Kennedy touches—or sings—is golden. At least that’s what the media say of the burgeoning star who’s taken hold of Rippton U and created a whirlwind of media. While the spotlight shines on his public persona, Xoan drifts into the shadows backstage for peace.

Indira Tadros isn’t the sort to fangirl over a star, but when she ends up at a gig looking for a job, Indira can’t deny that Xoan has the sort of superstar x-factor that most dream about.

Until his attention lands on her.

Thrown into the work of backstage passes and shadowy meet ups, Indi can’t decide if the blazing passion she shares with Xoan is real or something out of a dream. She only sees him for a moment now and then in their secret relationship Xoan hides from the media…but what a moment.

Xoan isn’t sure what to make of the shy girl who kicks his spotlighted rear in both public and in private, but he knows he wants more of her. But two personalities that were never meant to be mashed together can’t last long without mutual destruction…



Between Breaths (Seattle Sound #2), Alexa Padgett

Hayden Crewe is the hottest rockstar on the planet… and I’m going to make him all mine.

I’m tired of playing it safe. Of missing out and nursing my regrets instead of grabbing life by the balls.

So, this time, even though I have everything to lose, I’m going for my rock star.

After all, what more can break me? I’m already halfway to heartache. And hanging on by a thread. The one Hayden has pulled tight, wrapped around me.

In our short time together, Hayden managed to play my heart and body beautifully. Now, this rollercoaster with my rockstar could be real.



But life isn’t done throwing me curveballs.

We’re both hiding secrets, nursing our grief, and I can’t help but wonder if I’ll survive the final, glorious crash forced on us by fate and fickle fame.








Three Nights with a Rock Star (One Kiss with a Rock Star #1), Amber Lin and Shari Slade

When Hailey crashes a Half-Life after party, she expects to find the bastard who knocked up her little sister. Instead she meets the sexy front-man who agrees to give her access to his crew if she gives him access to her body.

All Lock demands in return is three days of complete control over the Sunday School teacher. With a contract, because he’s been burned before. One misstep could send the band—and his tenuous sobriety—up in flames.

Hailey and Lock push each other’s limits… Against the penthouse window. Backstage. In the limo and on the elevator. But as the contract counts down, neither are ready for the party to end.







Deals for Wednesday, November 22, 2023


Failure to Plan (Plans #2), Meg Fitz

When Kinsley discovers she is short thousands of dollars in the Prom Committee Budget, Davin sets up and enters a Battle of the Bands.  However this launches his music career and sends his life on a very different direction that he had planned for.  Now Kinsley is alone with nothing to distract her from her darker impulses.  Can Davin and Kinsley’s relationship survive when with a complete failure to plan? 



The Billionaire Rockstar & His Nanny, Leah Marie

Stuck with my forbidden rockstar boss
I’m a woman who lives life by the book.

Drew is a famous musician, a single dad, and my boss.

I can’t resist the body of a Greek God.

With blonde hair that gleams like a radiant halo and eyes as deep as the sea, piercing through the core of my soul.

Our paths crossed in a bar, where sparks flew, and we had a one-night stand.

The next day, he hired me to be the nanny for his kids.

We’re like fire and ice, at odds.

Despite our differences, a magnetic attraction keeps us drawn together.

Amidst all the chaos, we find stolen moments for entwining and bonding.

As we deepen our connection.

Our love story is far from simple.

Jealousy threatens to tear us apart.

Yet my heart is the only encore he craves.

Can I trust him, or is heartbreak our destiny?

If he’s willing to sweep me off my feet, this could make our love song last forever.



More Than Merry (Love & Steel #4), Jessica Topper

Not all gifts come wrapped in ribbon…

Come spend Christmas in New York City with your favorite rock star family!

“The perfect novella to bring a smile to your face for this holiday season.” – Elizabeth, Goodreads

“Every word has been chosen with care and it shows.” – Susan, Goodreads

“…a wonderful feel good follow-up to one of my favorite reads EVER.” – Irene, Goodreads

Note from the author: MORE THAN MERRY came to life after a reader asked if I would consider writing about her favorite characters in a Christmas setting. Re-visiting Adrian, Kat and Abbey was like hanging out with family and dear friends…which is what this season is meant for!

This feel-good holiday read is a short story following the characters in LOUDER THAN LOVE. If you haven’t read LOUDER THAN LOVE yet, you may encounter spoilers!







Three ebook covers

The Vagabonds Series, Jade C. Jamison

From On the RunRockstar romance author Jade C. Jamison tells this emotional tale of a young woman’s pursuit of her dream to be a famous musician–and the man she can’t stop loving…

I thought I knew what I wanted…until I met CJ Slavin.

My only dream in life was to become a world-famous guitarist, rocking the fans with the heavy sounds of the all-girl band the Vagabonds. But when I met bad boy bassist CJ, it was as if everything shifted. If there’s such a thing as instalove, I fell in it hard with CJ from the moment I met him.

And the more I got to know him, it was as if everything else in my world muted: the album my band was about to release, the coast-to-coast tour we were preparing for, all the adoring fans who were going to eat us up. Even the drama and bullsh*t from my bandmates couldn’t bring me down when CJ was around.

But when I tell him how I feel, he tells me I’m too young.

Besides, we’re going to be thousands of miles apart.

Add to it, his adoring fans will drop to their knees for him. And I already know they will. I would.

So what am I to do other than pine for the man who keeps me at arm’s length? I go back to my first love, my guitar–but that doesn’t stop me from pursuing the rock god I’ve fallen head over heels for. And maybe seeing my sexy a$$ on stage will show him all he’s missing…

“This author does it right. She doesn’t just throw the rockstar title around. Nope, she gives her readers what they crave. You can go in knowing you’re gonna get the whole experience.” – Rosa, iScream Books

Books 1 and 2, On the Run and On the Road, are free from 11/22/23-11/26/23 and book 3, On the Rocks, is 99 cents from 11/23/23-11/26/23.


Twenty Second Chance Rockstar Romance Books You’ll Love

Deals for Wednesday, November 15, 2023


Cake: A Love Story, J. Bengtsson

A reclusive rock star going through the motions

Jake McKallister might have been a rock star, but he was no ordinary one. Surviving an unspeakable crime as a young teen had shaped him into a guarded workaholic, and he now lived his life trying to forget. If it hadn’t been for music and the redemption he found through it, he might not have survived. Career success came easily for him. Personal connections did not.

A vivacious college student embracing life

When outspoken and fun-loving Casey Caldwell was paired with the famously reserved musician for a friend’s wedding, she was prepared for the worst. What could they possibly have in common? She was a bubbly talker; he was a media-shy loner. His life was filled with music; she couldn’t carry a tune. She’d enjoyed a happy childhood; his was a well-publicized nightmare.

Their worlds are about to collide

Despite their obvious differences, Jake and Casey found each other, and her light balanced out his darkness. Would their love be strong enough to survive the weight of his tragic past?



Beauty and the Punk Rocker, Sophia Ursula Brady

She wants a brownstone in New York City and a dog; he wants the adulation of crowds on the road.

Jada only accepts the temporary job as a sound assistant to further her career. She doesn’t like being on the road, and she definitely doesn’t like her punk rocker boss. He’s bossy, loud, and far too attractive to her once dormant libido.

Digger knows this tour could catapult him to the next level of rock status. He doesn’t want any distraction beyond a one-night stand.

Can they see past their differences to get much more than either of them dreamed of?



Opening Act, Lara Wynter

Finn Holloway, lead singer of the rock band Infusion deep, is tormented by the idea of failure. Running from an abusive past and fighting to keep his band from imploding, can he cope with the pressures of fame?

When Infusion Deep’s management team invites the teen rock band, Buxton Peak, to open the UK leg of their tour, Finn is furious. Their inexperience could ruin everything he’s worked so hard for.

See what happens when Ian Taylor, Kai Burton, Andy Smith, and Gary Owens of Buxton Peak spend the summer opening for Finn Holloway, Wes Bowman, Drew Moore, and Adam Thompson of Infusion Deep.




Ten Friends-to-Lovers Rockstar Romances That’ll Have You Swooning!

Deals for Wednesday, November 8, 2023


You’re All I Want for Christmas (Love and Madness), Karen Cimms

Billy crossed the hall into his bedroom where Kate was plugging in the last of the electric candles she’d set in each window.

She flicked it on. “I guess that’s that.”

His hand covered hers. “Do me a favor and don’t turn this one off. I want to know there’s a light burning in our bedroom window until I come home.”

When a world tour opening for a major band suddenly falls through, Billy McDonald is forced to take the only gig available, even if it means he’ll be spending the holidays on the other side of the country.
Christmas has always been Kate’s favorite holiday. But this year, she just can’t get into the spirit. With Billy on tour, her best friend on vacation in Hawaii, two young children to wrangle, a Santa’s Workshop to run, and an extended visit from her estranged mother looming, Kate needs a Christmas miracle.



Jagged Hearts (Jagged Ivory #1), Lashell Collins

Mercy Holland is sure of two things. One – that Noah Ivory is sex on legs. And two – that he doesn’t remember her or the night of passion they spent together four years ago before his band, Jagged Ivory, signed their record deal. But when her father, who just happens to be the band’s manager, gives her the opportunity to travel with them on tour, Mercy can’t help but hope that she and the sexy lead guitarist can reignite an old, smoldering flame.

Playing lead guitar for one of the hottest rock bands in the world has its perks, and Noah Ivory has no trouble taking full advantage of it. He has his pick of the many gorgeous young girls that fall at his feet night after night. But when Jagged Ivory’s manager brings his beautiful and sassy daughter along on the European leg of their world tour, the guitar god is suddenly thrown for a loop as the memories of their steamy one-night stand come crashing back to him.

Now, all sorts of questions are running through his head. Like how can he apologize for the way he treated her back then? How can he tell her that she hasn’t been far from his thoughts since that night? How can he pursue her with her father watching his every move? And most importantly, how can he keep her from falling for his brother?






Deals for Wednesday, November 1, 2023


The Moon and Back, Ginger Scott

Release date: 10/5/23

Johnny Bishop crashed into my life like a hurricane. Not once, but twice.

The first time, we were teenagers. He was the star quarterback destined to save our small town’s high school team. I was the music nerd desperate to shine, but always falling short.

Until him.

Johnny was good at football, but he was great at music. And when I realized we shared a love of performing, I fell for his charm. I drank in his words and was hypnotized by the way he sang. I was never fully in the spotlight with him, but the way he held onto me and kept me close felt good enough. His star was bright enough for both of us, and his dreams were worth all the risks, even if they were my dreams first.

But when he left our town–leaving me in it–the damage in his wake was devastating. I spent a decade trying to piece together my broken heart. A decade trying to avoid his music, a nearly impossible feat considering he was selling out arenas and piling up Grammys. While he tore through city after city, I built a quiet life as a music teacher in my hometown.

I’d made peace with the fact that a now famous rockstar once held my hand and told me he loved me. But when he shows up unannounced, begging for help, I’m sucked right back into his gravitational pull.

I want to hate him. I want to punish him for turning his back on me. But I can’t when he’s so broken. And the more time we spend in our present talking about our past, the more I start to wonder if maybe Johnny left to save us all from the storm.

Maybe that story about me and the famous rockstar has a lot more story to be told.



Rocking Esme (Rocking #1), Kacey Hamford

When shy book worm Esmeralda Black finds a job in her local bar, not even she could have predicted the changes that would take place in her life, or the hardships she would have to face. Surrounded by her old friends and the promise of finding new friends along the way, Esme learns that there is a life for her to lead outside of her kindle – a life not all that different from the ‘Rock’ books she reads. Working in a bar brings its own dramas and Esme constantly finds herself at the centre of the action. As she starts to emerge from her shell, Esme is faced with new experiences and begins to unearth sides to her personality even she didn’t know existed. With twists and turns, drama and deception, and at the heart of it all a rock band, ‘Rocking Esme’ is a story about love, life and finding your inner rockstar!



Fight the Spark (Sons of Sinners #1), Grace James

Amy Scott is a rock music fan through and through, so when she meets Connor Maxwell, the drummer of struggling rock band Sons of Sinners, she thinks she’s found her ideal man. He’s the perfect mix of sexy, funny and cool – with a side of ‘bad boy’ thrown in for good measure.

The only downside that Amy can see?

Blake Maxwell – the lead singer of the band and Connor’s older cousin. Okay, so he’s gorgeous. But he’s also offensive, crude, and an egotistical womanizer.

But first impressions are rarely the whole story and Amy soon realizes that there’s more to Connor and Blake than meets the eye.

As she learns more about the cousins and the past that has shaped them, Amy finds herself facing an impossible choice – and the wrong decision could have terrible consequences…






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