Throwback Thursday – Fake (Nicki Sosebee #9)

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Fake was the first Nicki Sosebee book I wrote after Bullet blew up and went nuts, demanding my attention. I’d tried writing it in early 2013 after Bullet, but the words weren’t flowing. I knew, though, that my Nicki readers … Continued

WTF? My Thoughts about Things Like MMF, MFF, and Other Interesting Types of Romances

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If you’d asked me four years ago (when I was writing Tangled Web, the first book I published as an indie author) if I would ever write a sex scene involving more than two people, I would have laughed. Hard. … Continued

My Two Cents’ Worth

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Did you know that, still—decades after the women’s rights movement—females continue to make less than their male counterparts?  Look it up if you don’t believe me.  Yes, the playing field is more level nowadays, but that fact was totally clear … Continued