Reader favorite rock star romance books you’ll love (February 2024)

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Semi-annual updated list!

I’ve been asking my readers for a while to tell me their favorite rock star romance books–and the first time I shared the results was in this post last summer.

I’m still collecting votes and continuing to compile results!

Here are those reader faves, starting with the books that got the most votes. One thing to note: because my readers are polled, several of my books made the list, so I’m thrilled…but also taking it with a grain of salt. 🙂

TALON, Carian Cole

Romance book cover with man and woman: Talon by Carian Cole

This book made the list again, but my readers love all of Carian Cole’s rocker books. While Talon was a particular favorite, readers also mentioned the Ashes & Embers series as a whole (and also the book Storm in that series), as well as her book No Tomorrow. So if you haven’t read any of her books, you have some recommendations for where to start!


Although McLaughlin’s Beaumont Series appeared on last year’s list, it received lots more votes since the last list.

CAKE, J. Bengtsson

The entire Cake series is loved by many readers. starting with book one, Cake: A Love Story.

BULLET, Jade C. Jamison

Book cover with man: Bullet by Jade C. Jamison

Bear in mind these are MY readers who were polled, but the entire Bullet series was a favorite, followed by the Tangled Web series and one newcomer below!

DIRTY LIKE ME, Jaine Diamond

More than one reader loved the entire Dirty series, but readers agreed that they adored book number one.

PLAY, Kylie Scott

Readers loved her entire Stage Dive series, and one reader mentioned that Deep was a fave!

THE ROCKER SERIES, Terri Anne Browning

Readers love the entire Rocker Series, especially The Rocker Who Holds Me!


The following books aren’t necessarily new, but they are new to this list–so I want to highlight them!


The remainder of books had fewer votes, but I wanted to include them so you can add them to your TBR! I hope you find a new favorite (or two…or three!).

What about you? Have you told me your favorite rocker romance? If not, please comment below–even if your fave is already listed here!

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