Matchmaker Box Set Books 1-4: The Complete Steamy Contemporary Romance Series

Devour the entire Matchmaker series in this bundle. Find out why readers like Sue describe this concept as “a fun and sexy game.” Follow Claire in her quest for love and fame in this reverse harem-inspired box set!

One woman. Four weeks. Five men.
Just one chance.

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About the Book

Looking for Love
After years of putting love on the back burner and struggling to break into Hollywood as an actress, I jumped on an opportunity to do both—by accepting the chance to be the pursued woman in a reality television show called Matchmaker.

Choosing among five men hand-picked specifically for me should be easy, but by the time I’ve discovered that not all of the men are ideal, it’s way too late. There’s no getting out of this contract. And when I attempt to salvage the situation, I’m met with the harsh reality that I don’t really have a choice after all…

Steamy Kisses
After last week’s elimination, I might have thought that having one less man to deal with in reality show Matchmaker would have made my life easier, but, boy, was I wrong! As we all get to know one another better, I’ve discovered that being compatible with each man doesn’t make him an ideal mate. And, as we make our way through another week of dates, I’ve discovered that one of them, a man who’s beginning to capture my heart, doesn’t even want to be here…

First Comes Love
Now that we’re down to three men, I’m afraid I’m falling in love with them all. Will the man I end up with truly be the right one for me? Or will I wind up in hell with the wrong guy?

Then Comes Marriage
We’re down to the last two men vying for my hand, and what had seemed to be every woman’s dream has become a wretched nightmare. These men who’d seemed perfect for me are deeply flawed, and now I’m questioning if I even want to spend a lifetime with them. But now it’s too late. I’m locked in and praying that maybe I can turn it into a match made in heaven…

Lose yourself in the Matchmaker series where the line between make believe and reality is blurred…

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Steamy romance