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Feverish 3 is coming

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So it’s been a while since Scorched (Feverish 2), and I’m finally writing Red Hot, Feverish 3, Dane’s story. I was hoping it would be ready this month–and it still might–but I think... READ MORE

Nicki Sosebee: Everywoman

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Who is Nicki Sosebee? Years ago, when Nicki Sosebee introduced herself to me, I had a good sense of her character even as I began writing the first few words of the first... READ MORE

The end of an era

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My title’s a little melodramatic, but the sentiment is real.  If you’re one of my readers that goes way back, you probably already know what I’m talking about. Nicki Sosebee. At the very... READ MORE

The Best Laid Plans…

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I would be willing to bet a lot of hard-earned cash that a good many of my faithful readers (both past and present) have been a bit, shall we say, exasperated at my... READ MORE