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The Best Laid Plans…

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I would be willing to bet a lot of hard-earned cash that a good many of my faithful readers (both past and present) have been a bit, shall we say, exasperated at my... READ MORE

The countdown to Nicki #13

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So a lot of you know I’ve rewritten the Nicki Sosebee books (very light edits–no “changing of history”). New titles, new descriptions, complete relaunch. But I didn’t want Nicki fans to have to... READ MORE

Book Review: BookBub Mastery

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Just a heads up: this book review will help authors more than my regular readers, but I know some of my author friends read my blog on occasion, so I wanted to post... READ MORE

Relaunch of Nicki Sosebee

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I am soooo excited. The final Nicki Sosebee book is right around the corner, following a complete relaunch of the series. Slight editing of the first twelve books, new titles, new descriptions. And,... READ MORE