A Whole Slew of Rock Star Romance Books released in 2016 (the ultimate list of new rocker romance)

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I last compiled an annual list of rockstar romance books (check out the one I put together for 2015 here), so it’s time to get back to it. You’ll see like I have that, by this point in time, there was no denying rocker romance was here to stay! We had plenty of new authors entering this subgenre along with some established writers.

So, without further ado, let’s look at all these books that were first released in 2016!

January 2016

February 2016

March 2016

April 2016

May 2016

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016

  • Merry Oblivion (Lost in Oblivion #11), Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott
  • Fall with Me (Sixth Street Band #2), Jayne Frost
  • Hard Rock Tease (Darkest Days #1), Athena Wright
  • Moonshine Eyes (Seattle Sound #9), Alexa Padgett
  • More Than Merry (Love & Steel #2.5), Jessica Topper
  • Jaded Hearts (Loaded Replay #1), Harper Sloan
  • Metal and Mistletoe (Hearts of Metal #4), Brooklyn Ann
  • Second Best (Dark Falkon #2), J.O. Mantel
  • Sylvie + Shandor, Sunniva Dee and Alyson Santos/ Aly Stiles [This title freaked me out, because back in July of 2016, I outlined and started writing a rock star romance novel called Slick + Skylar–it’s still coming but not for a while and the book by Dee and Santos/Stiles looks like romantic comedy and mine isn’t. Still, I worry about people thinking later that my idea copied someone else’s. So I’m really glad I discovered their novel before I published so I can either choose to change the title before publication or explain in a Foreword that I wasn’t copying. I have to finish writing the dang book first, though! 🙂 ]
  • No One to Hold (The Hold #1), Arell Rivers
  • Hard to Hold (The Hold #2), Arell Rivers
  • To Have and to Hold (The Hold #3), Arell Rivers
  • True Romance (True Romance #1), Lashell Collins
  • A Very Xander Christmas 3 (Rockstar #6.5/ Rockstar Between the Numbers Holiday Short Story #4), Anne Mercier
  • Duet (Rockstar #6.6/ Rockstar Between the Numbers Holiday Short Story #5), Anne Mercier
  • Promise Me (TAT: A Rocker Romance #4.5/ #6), Melanie Walker/ Emjay Soren (previously titled Promise Me: The Final Encore)
  • Dirty Like Us (Dirty #0.5), Jaine Diamond
  • Reaper’s Girl (Rockin’ Country #5), Laramie Briscoe
  • Jumping Jude (Made Marian #3), Lucy Lennox
  • Savage Truth (The Grinders #1), Kathleen Kelly
  • Secret Sins (Sins Duet #1), CD Reiss
  • Claiming Country (Jesse’s Girl #3), Kandice Michelle Young (later republished as author Arie Ray)
  • Stellar Love, Ash Harlow
  • Franco (Bright Side #3), Kim Holden
  • Rocked (Black Light #1), Livia Grant
  • This is Our Song (The Shaughnessy Brothers #4), Samantha Chase
  • A Twist of Love (Adrenaline #2), Callie Bardot

As I’ve said in other posts where I’m gathering rock star romance books, I’m sure there are quite a few I’ve missed, but I think you can see how lots of new authors and series were showing up on the scene.

Which ones have you read? Which have you just now added to your TBR list? 😉

Want more? You can go forward to 2017 or backward to 2015 with just a click! Or you can see ALL THE ROCKSTAR ROMANCE BOOKS FOR ALL TIME.

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