Have you read these? 18 rock star romance books from 2012

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By 2012, I’d already published nine books on Amazon and a couple of other places online.  I’d even published a paperback.  My bestselling book by far was Tangled Web—but by the end of 2012, that was getting ready to change in a huge way.

Anyway, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been taking a trip down rock star romance memory lane. This week, we’re taking a look back to 2012.  As a reminder, I realize I probably won’t name even half of the books that were released that year, but these were titles I remember seeing, novels that made an impression on me in one way or another (or that I wrote). Which ones have you read?

One thing I’ve discovered going backward in time:  some of these books have been repackaged, republished, and relaunched—so I’m glad to know I’m not the only author who’s done that!

If you decide you want to read any of these books, all links point to Amazon (my apologies if you get your books at another site)—so you can get started right away!  Let’s start reading some sexy rock stars!

February 2012

MADversary, Jade C. Jamison – this book has since been rewritten and republished as Love and Music (Small Town Secrets #3). Also, if you read the original version, you might wonder what’s different. Well, the original was written in third person and the rewrite is in first. Second, I’ve added a couple of small characters to this series to help tie all the books together.

April 2012

Love’s Rhythm, Lexxie Couper (Heart of Fame #1) – she’s changed the cover and republished it, but this book was HUGE in 2012!

May 2012

Triple Threat, Bella Jeanisse (I believe this book was originally published as Triple Threat #1 but it’s now #3)

June 2012

Devoured, Emily Snow (Devoured #2) – If I’m not mistaken, this book was Devoured #1 at the time it was released, but Snow has since written a prequel (All Over You) to be the first book in the series.

Try Me (One Night with Sole Regret #1), Olivia Cunning

July 2012

Incidental Happenstance, Kim DeSalvo

August 2012

Falling Stars, Sadie Grubor (Falling Stars #1) – Fun fact: Sadie and I both contributed to the coolest rock star romance anthology called Get Rocked! in Vegas, and I interviewed her after that here on my website. What I love about her covers is they’re designed to look like magazine covers!

The Mighty Storm, Samantha Towle (The Storm #1)

The old cover!

Then Kiss Me, Jade C. Jamison – this book has since rewritten and republished as Love and Lies (Small Town Secrets #1)

September 2012

White Trash Beautiful, Teresa Mummert (White Trash Trilogy #1)

Big Girls Do It Better, Jasinda Wilder (Big Girls Do It #1) – she released several books in this series all in 2012 but it looks like she re-released them in 2013 and included several of the shorter books in one larger book called Big Girls Do It.

Everything But, Jade C. Jamison (Tangled Web #2) – the reception of this book let me know that readers were loving my stories!

Rock Star, Ginger Voight (Groupie #2)

Tempt Me (One Night with Sole Regret #2), Olivia Cunning

October 2012

Moving in Reverse, Katy Atlas – to the best of my knowledge, this book is no longer available for purchase

Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret #3), Olivia Cunning

November 2012

Covered in Lace: The Lacey Sheridan Story, Ann Lister

Rock the Heart (Black Falcon #1), Michelle A. Valentine – I was so fortunate to meet Michelle in person in Las Vegas at the Naughty Mafia Book Signing in August 2013. She is down to earth and sweet as can be. Love her!

Tear, Rachel Van Dyken (Seaside #1)

Double Time (Sinners on Tour #5), Olivia Cunning

December 2012

Forever My Girl, Heidi McLaughlin (Beaumont #1)

My Misery Muse, Brei Betzold (all three books in the trilogy are 99 cents, so if you’ve never read it…) – Brei was one of the first authors I got to know on social media. Such a sweetheart!

If you didn’t get the idea based on how big my 2012 list is compared to the 2011 one, let’s just say that, by then, readers couldn’t get enough rock star romance.  I didn’t realize that until 2012—but, when I did, I planned to give them what they wanted.  In December 2012, I started writing what would be my biggest book ever—both in length and bestselling status.  But we’ll talk about that when I post the 2013 rock star romance list.

In the meantime, which of these books have you read?  Which do you want to read? 

Which do you want to read AGAIN? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Mary Lou Hoffman

    I have read:
    MADversary, Jade C. Jamison
    Then Kiss Me, Jade C. Jamison
    White Trash Beautiful, Teresa Mummert (White Trash Trilogy #1)
    Everything But, Jade C. Jamison (Tangled Web #2)

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. Kathy Aronoff

    I love that you did this – I have read most of them and are sad that some I didn’t are no longer available. There’s a few hidden gems I can recommend “How We Remember” The Ever Mine Trilogy by Louise Scoular is one of my all time favorites Good News is all three are still available.

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