Get your fill of rock star romance: new rockstar releases of 2020

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2020, a year that we will never forget. I think, more than ever, readers wanted more stories so they could escape what was happening in the real world. What I’ve always loved about rockstar romance is that, for me anyway, it involves a little more fantasy than other books, because they’re celebrities, so that makes them a little more unreachable. And we needed escape in 2020.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the rocker romances that filled our eReaders during that fateful year!

January 2020

Rock Me Harder (Bad Boys of Rock #2), Jenna Jacob

RAPT: The Price of Love (Everhide #3), Tania Joyce

Hard Rock Promise (Cherry Lips), Athena Wright

February 2020

Rise: Eva & Rafe Book 2 (Black Hearts Still Beat #2), L A Cotton

Fallen Star (Ruined Rockstars #1), Heather Ashley (she recently updated the covers and titles)

March 2020

Rising West (Save Me #1), Aly Stiles

The Right Wish (Once Upon a Rock Star #2), Michelle Mankin

Kiss the Stars (Falling Stars), A.L. Jackson

Switching Octaves (The Rock Gods: East Coast Label #2), Ann Lister

Unrequited (Unrequited #1), Julia Wolf

April 2020

Falling North (Save Me #2), Aly Stiles

Rock Me Slower (Bad Boys of Rock #3), Jenna Jacob

A Love Song for Liars (Rivals #1), Piper Lawson

Dirty Legend (Ruined Rockstars #2), Heather Ashley

Play Fast (Brooklyn Dawn #2), Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott

Reckless Obsession (Reckless Rockstar #1), Samantha Christy

Turn up the Tempo (Lyrical Odyssey #4), Charli B. Rose

The original Love and Lies cover

May 2020

Love and Lies (Small Town Secrets #1), Jade C. Jamison

Love and Music (Small Town Secrets #3), Jade C. Jamison

Loving Violet (Rockers’ Legacy #4), Terri Anne Browning

Melody & Styx (Rockstar #9.5), Anne Mercier

TREY (Lair #3), A.M. Madden

Asher (Ashes & Embers #6), Carian Cole

Catch Me When I Fall (Falling Stars), A.L. Jackson

Maiden Voyage: Ryder’s Guardian (Maiden Voyage #1), Ann Lister

A Love Song for Rebels (Rivals #2), Piper Lawson

Rule: Eva & Rafe #3 (Black Hearts Still Beat #3), L A. Cotton

Asher (Ashes & Embers #6), Carian Cole

Forest’s Fall (Angel Fire #6), Ellie Masters

One Last Verse (The Encore #2), N. N. Britt

June 2020

Sweet Temptation (Players #3), Jaine Diamond

ROCK F*CK CLUB #6 (Girls Ranking the Rock Stars #6), Michelle Mankin

Rock Me: Meet the Bad Boys of Rock, Jenna Jacob

ENDLESS (Less Than Zero #1), Kaylene Winter

Heartbreak Beat (LA Rock Star #1), Elle Greco

Fractured Hearts (Fractured Rock Star #1), L. M. Dalgleish

Rock God in Exile (Smidge #2), Kella Campbell

Misconception (Unrequited #2), Julia Wolf

July 2020

Fatal Intentions (Fatal Cross Live! #4), Theresa Hissong

A Love Song for Dreamers (Rivals #3), Piper Lawson

Broken Player (Ruined Rockstars #3), Heather Ashley

August 2020

Wanting Shaw (Rockers’ Legacy #5), Terri Anne Browning

Reckless Invitation (Reckless Rockstar #2), Samantha Christy

Love Song (LA Rock Star #2), Elle Greco

September 2020

Breaking South (Save Me #3), Aly Stiles

Falling into You (Falling Stars), A.L. Jackson

Rock Me Faster (Bad Boys of Rock #4), Jenna Jacob

Play Mine (Brooklyn Dawn #3), Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott

Rocked (Every Heroes World), Julia Wolf

Phoenix Rising (Pretty Boy Rock Prequel), S. R. Watson and Ryan Stacks

October 2020

Needing Arella (Rockers’ Legacy #6), Terri Anne Browning

Strung Tight (The Road to Rocktoberfest #1), Ann Lister

Vicious Icon (Ruined Rockstars #4), Heather Ashley

LIMITLESS (Less Than Zero #2), Kaylene Winter

REGRET: The Price of Truth (Everhide #4), Tania Joyce

Hearts Entwined (Angel Fire #5), Ellie Masters

Phoenix Rising: Issue #1 (Pretty Boy Rock), S. R. Watson and Ryan Stacks

Memory of a Melody, Charli B. Rose

Hunker Down with the McKallisters (Cake Series), J. Bengtsson

November 2020

Storm, Michelle Mankin

Rock Me Deeper (Bad Boys of Rock #5), Jenna Jacob

Ruin: Levi Hunter’s Story (Black Hearts Still Beat #4), L A Cotton

Songbird (LA Rock Star #3), Elle Greco

Dissonance (Unrequited #3), Julia Wolf

Phoenix Rising: Issue #2 (Pretty Boy Rock), S. R. Watson and Ryan Stacks

Phoenix Rising: Issue #3 (Pretty Boy Rock), S. R. Watson and Ryan Stacks

December 2020

Inferno (Feverish#3), Jade C. Jamison

A Very Xander Christmas 4 (Rockstar #9.6), Anne Mercier

Lovely Madness (Players #4), Jaine Diamond

Tainted Idol (Ruined Rockstars #5), Heather Ashley

If you had any doubts about how popular rock star romance has grown, you need only compare this list to my 2011 list. There are more new releases that came out in May 2020 than in all of 2011. (Bear in mind I might have missed a few on either list…but still!)

Rocker romance is most definitely here to stay. Please leave me a comment if you notice any egregious errors or omissions. My lists are now an obsession and my goal is to track down all the rock star romance novels! 🙂

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