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One cool thing about my website is I can see the terms people used when searching to find my blog.  And three particular searches keep coming up (aside from the usual ones), and those are about future books, ones that I’ve already titled (and teased and promised) but have yet to release.  So…without further ado, I’m going to talk about each one, tell you where it is development-wise, and give you a rough idea of a release date.

Everything But—you’ve heard lots about this one already, the “sequel” to Tangled Web.  I’m in the revision phase, which always includes prep work for publishing.  It’s already written.  At this point, though, I revise and proof the manuscript.  I look at continuity, character development, and the work as a whole, as well as scrutinize scenes and look at the details.  I also put together the cover in this phase and begin promoting the book.  I’m halfway through this phase with this book.  I plan to work on the cover tomorrow (wish me luck) and—most of you probably already know—I’ve already begun promoting the heck out of it!  ANTICIPATED RELEASE DATE:  9/30/12 or sooner.

Blind (Nicki Sosebee #8)—the good news is I’ve already started writing it, and it’s loosely plotted.  I’m three chapters in.  Obviously, it’s a continuation of Nicki’s story from where we left off in Innocent Bystander.  I had hoped to finish it a lot sooner, but my summer projects took longer than planned (that’s because the books were also bigger than planned, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!).  ANTICIPATED RELEASE DATE:  10/31/12 or sooner.

Quickies—this is a (mostly) short story collection.  The original working title was Potluck Fail and Other Miscellany, but I prefer this title.  Two of the stories already written are called “Potluck Fail” and “Drawn to Him,” but I’m going to have some other oddities in the book, and I have yet to write a couple other stories I have in mind.  At least one of the stories is humorous and one of them is irredeemably erotic…some strange stuff, even for me.  ANTICIPATED RELEASE DATE:  11/30/12 or sooner.

Old House—this is a horror story that is loosely plotted, and the first two chapters are written.  It’s about a college student named Kenzie who’s had some problems at school.  She comes home for Christmas break to find that things at her parents’ new home are a little spooky.  But don’t worry…there will still be plenty of my usual style in there.  I just can’t help my potty mouth and a little hanky-panky.  Since it’s set at Christmas, I should try to get it out then, but we shall see!  ANTICIPATED RELEASE DATE:  12/31/12 or sooner.

Looking ahead:  I also have other projects in store.  The Nicki series isn’t even close to being done, and I already know what will happen in the next three or four books.  As long as you and I aren’t bored with Nicki, I suspect I’ll keep writing her story!  I don’t have titles for those books yet, but I know what’s going to happen.  I also have a mystery book waiting in the wings, but it needs a lot of work before it sees the light of day.  Sit tight and I’ll keep writing as long as you want to read it!

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