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Friends, I’ve never made any secrets about my book plans, and so I know that the book Finger Bang probably came as a surprise to many of you.  It was one of those ideas that came at me hard and fast (ha!) and wouldn’t let go.  I conceived of the idea while finishing up Be Careful What You Wish For, and I knew I would have to write that book next.

Some of you might not know this, but I grew up in a Christian household.  I’m sure you’ve seen that theme in some of my heroines.  I attended a Christian school until I went to high school, and my ideas of morality and sexuality were hardcore and conservative.  Without going into a lot of detail, let’s just say that I planned to save my virginity for marriage, and I graduated high school with it intact.

Let’s just say a lot has happened between then and now.  I’m sure you can only imagine.

That said, Kaylee Baker, the heroine of Finger Bang, grew up in a similar household.  Three years in college have relaxed her views on sexuality, but she is still uptight and a little frigid.  She doesn’t worry too much about it, because she’s not going to school to find a boyfriend or even to get laid.  She’s focused on her education.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to look at the menu.

Enter Blaze, a guy she’s had her eyes on for years.  She doesn’t think he’s attainable, not in the least, but she enjoys thinking about him anyway.

She has no idea he’s been watching her too.  So…when the opportunity presents itself, he makes her an offer that she can’t refuse.  Only she does…until she can’t any longer.  Blaze gives her an evening she can’t forget and finds a way into her heart.  But can these two from completely different backgrounds with little in common find a way to be together or was it just a one-time O?

In case you missed it on Thursday (what rock have you been hiding under?), here’s the cover:

And the official blurb:

Orgasmic Meditation?  Therapeutic?!  Kaylee Baker is horrified when her girlfriends suggest a trip to artsy Boulder, Colorado, to check out the latest craze.  What her friends don’t know about Kaylee is that she is a little repressed, bordering on frigid, and the idea of a complete stranger bringing her to orgasm—therapeutic or not—is horrifying.

Blaze Donahue has admired Kaylee from afar for quite some time, and part of the reason he’s kept his distance is because he’s had no indication that she might even be interested.  But when he’s given the opportunity to offer her his own version of OM with no strings attached, he makes an offer she has a hard time refusing.

When there are undeniable sparks between the two, Kaylee runs, afraid of the overwhelming feelings she has for this gorgeous, sensitive guy.  Blaze feels compelled to convince her otherwise but wonders if he’ll be able to crack through the ice surrounding this sweet girl.  Can they find true love or will it just be a one-time O?

Add it to your Goodreads TBR:  Finger Bang

Release date: 6/27/14

A little excerpt to whet your appetite:

“Sweet brother!”  Rachel wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek before picking up her drink again.  “Settle something here for me, will you?”  Blaze raised his eyebrows.  “If you had a chance to have an orgasmic meditation, would you do it?”

He smiled and said, “Meditation?  Who can think when they’re getting their rocks off?”

Maddy started laughing.  “Would you pay a therapist to give you a hand job?”

“Pay someone good money when I can do it myself?  No fuckin’ way.”

Rachel glowered at her brother.  “It’s not just that.  It’s more than that.  It’s an experience.”  Kaylee thought Rachel was changing her tune a little to justify it to her sibling.  She’d been all about the O up to that point.  “And you’re ruining the moment, dear brother.  I’m trying to talk my sweet roommates into making a road trip to Boulder to experience it for ourselves.”

Blaze started laughing—hard.  By the time he caught his breath, Rachel was full-on pissed.  Blaze ignored her and said, “Would that make it a gang bang?”  He started laughing again, and even Maddy and Shannon joined in.  Rachel slammed down her drink and Kaylee sank in her seat.  This was not funny, especially when Mr. Dream Guy was joking about something so intimate and embarrassing.

And Kaylee would never tell the secret, that she’d never masturbated.

It was a long story.  She almost had…once, just a couple of years earlier, but she could hear the youth group leader from her church in her head, telling her masturbation was the tool of the devil.  She’d believed it back then.  Now, she wasn’t so sure, but she just hadn’t gone that far with herself.

So to talk about fingers around a woman’s clit—her own or a stranger’s—made her uneasy as all get out.  Worse, though, was hot Blaze just feet away making light of it.  If he so much as looked her in the eye again, she thought she’d die.

“Look, dickweed, why don’t you go hang with your guy friends?  You know, the group of a-holes who happen to think you have a sense of humor.”

“Aw, c’mon, Rachel, I’m just messing around.”  He pushed his hair to the side, the hair that threatened to cover one of his eyes in the sexy way it sometimes did.  “You’re serious about this?”

“Hell, yes.  Don’t you think doing something like this could be better than going to the mall or getting our nails done together?”

He shrugged.  “Maybe.”  He glanced around the table again and Kaylee felt relief that their eyes didn’t lock.  Well, she’d made sure they didn’t because she’d brought her glass to her mouth and made sure she was sipping when his eyes got around to her.  “But what if your friends aren’t interested?”

Rachel frowned.  “We hadn’t quite gotten around to discussing that.”

Maddy slammed her glass to the table.  “I’m game.  Sounds like fun.”

Rachel smiled and nodded.  She probably made that smug hmph noise she often did when she affirmed she was right about something, but Kaylee didn’t hear if she had.  Rachel’s expression was right, but it was too noisy in the bar to tell.  “Shannon?”

Shannon giggled.  “Shit, I’ll try anything once.”

Oh, hell.  Kaylee could feel everyone’s eyes turn to her and she couldn’t get up and leave.  Maddy was blocking the way.  She couldn’t pretend to not have heard.  She had to answer.  Oh, God, she wanted to die.  She could have blown the women off, but with Blaze there, she was horrified.  Rachel said, “Kaylee?”

Kaylee gulped, trying to figure out what to say.  She just started talking.  “I don’t think so, Rachel.”

“What do you mean you don’t think so?  It’ll be so much fun.”

Maddy said, “C’mon, Kaylee.  The Four Musketeers, right?”

She shook her head.  Blaze said, “Ladies, I don’t think this gang bang thing is for everyone.  Can you blame the poor girl?”

Oh.  Girl?  He thought of her as a girl?  Well, there went those fantasies out the window.  Still, she took a deep breath and gathered up as much dignity as she could and said, “Definitely not for me.”  She found her tongue.  “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to get naked in front of a stranger, and I definitely don’t want to have one touching me…especially that way.”

Rachel leaned over the table and tipped her glass at Kaylee as though it were a pointer.  “I’ll loosen you up before you graduate if it’s the last thing I do.”  She sat back up and what little sobriety she had seemed to possess just seconds ago had disappeared.  “In the meantime, Maddy, Shannon?  Come with me to the bar to fetch more drinks and we can iron out the details without making our prudish friend blush.”

Well, too late.  As the three women slid out of the booth, Kaylee felt just that—a mad red flush racing up her face, stinging her cheeks.  She hoped it wasn’t evident in the bar or maybe she could blame it on drinking, but Rachel had, with her few words, made Kaylee not only feel prude but embarrassed.  And in front of all people…

Once the women were up, though, Blaze showed no inkling of having registered his sister’s last words.  Kaylee began to feel awkward then.  What the hell would she say to this super hot guy and after a conversation like that?  She had decided to ask him how classes were going when he said, “I can’t blame you really.  I don’t think I could do that either.”  He grinned.  “Even though I find the idea intriguing.”  Kaylee felt her cheeks redden again, but she smiled before looking down at her glass once more.  “Not gonna pay for it, though.  Fuck that.”

Kaylee picked up her glass and sipped what little water was left in it, simply to have something to do.  Her alcohol glass was drained as well, both down to ice cubes.  She didn’t know what to say so she nodded her head and smiled.  She’d always found Blaze’s looks and charm intimidating, so she was feeling more than a little tongue-tied.  She didn’t want him to think she was a snooty bitch, though, so she said, “I agree.”

He rested his chin on his arms on the chair and said, “What’s the part that has you freaking out more?  The fact that it would be a stranger or that you’d be paying for it?”

His question helped her relax a little.  It felt like he was taking a practical approach and wanted to discuss the matter as two adults.  They weren’t actually talking about orgasms or…fingers and clits, for God’s sake.  So she took a deep breath and gave the matter a little thought.  It didn’t take long for her to say, “I think it’s that it’s a stranger.”  She didn’t know why she felt compelled to continue—especially with Blaze—but she did.  “Seriously.  It’s hard enough to relax and then you have someone you’ve never met before trying to make you feel good.  I can’t imagine.”  She smiled and rolled her eyes, hoping she appeared relaxed now, because she was far from it.

Blaze didn’t intend to help the matter at all.  “What if it was you and me?”

Had she heard him right?  And why the hell was her heart thudding in her chest?  She had a hard time sucking in a breath, but when she was able to, she asked, “What do you mean?”  Her voice was so low, she was surprised he could hear it.

“If I was the therapist.”  He sat up and used the index and middle fingers of both his hands to air quote his last word.  “You know…my sister, Maddy, and Shannon go to Boulder to have some stranger finger bang them, but what if someone you knew took care of you here?”

Her jaw didn’t drop to the table but she had lost all words.  She just wished she could figure out if Blaze was yanking her chain or making her the offer of a lifetime.

Oh, yeah, I mentioned a giveaway, didn’t I?


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