Blast from the Past: Nicki Sosebee – One More Time

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If you caught my blog post last month, then you know I’m sharing old page content and turning it into blog posts as my site is revamped.

For the next few days, I’ll be sharing everything Nicki Sosebee!  Today, Nicki #5.

~ ~ ~

In a nutshell: Nicki notices there is a big problem with the homeless population in Winchester, and the local shelter doesn’t have any more room for them. Nicki becomes irate when the City Council decides to do everything in its power to drive the homeless out of town, because she has other ideas. Meanwhile, she and Jesse are still going strong, if they can keep everyone else out of their business.


Nicki Sosebee: A modern girl who works hard and plays harder.

Sean Ramsey: Nicki’s best friend. If she could, she’d try to forget they’d ever slept together, but she just can’t forget about it.

Jesse Roberts: Nicki’s superhot on-again, off-again boyfriend.

Brandy King: One of Nicki’s BFFs, Brandy has a hard time saying the F word and an even harder time trying not to giggle.

Melvin Roberts: Jesse’s cantankerous father.

Jenna: Jesse’s sister.

Neal Black: Nicki’s editor at the Winchester Tribune, the man has a lot of patience.

Detective Nathan Wright: A policeman who sometimes helps Nicki…and sometimes doesn’t.


Sean picked up the pen on the desk and dropped it into the pencil holder sitting on the corner of the desk close to the wall. “So…I gotta know. Did you tell Jesse what happened between us when you guys were broken up?”

Nicki felt like he’d slapped her in the face, he’d taken her so off guard. She just couldn’t understand why he’d bring it up now, so long after it had happened. “No. Did you?”

“No. I think it would kill him.”

Nicki wasn’t so sure about that. All that had happened was she’d tried to seduce Sean, and he’d crumbled under the pressure. And then, later that week when they talked about it and admitted they had strong feelings of sexual attraction for each other, Sean told her he didn’t think he’d ever be able to have a relationship with her. He didn’t give her an explanation, had just asked her to try to understand. So nothing happened. Besides, she and Jesse were broken up, so it shouldn’t matter anyway. But Sean thought it was important. “What would kill him, Sean? So big deal. We kissed.”

“We did a lot more than kissing.”

“Really? What fantasy world do you live in?”

Sean’s eyelids lowered. Nicki couldn’t tell, but he looked like he was getting p*ssed. Good. “Do you really think that’s all that happened? Would you feel like you were being honest with Jesse if you told him we just kissed each other when you were broken up?”

“Uh…yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s all that happened. Your clothes were on. My clothes were on. You never even touched me, and I sure as sh*t didn’t touch you. So what exactly do you think happened, Charlie Sheen?”

Sean sighed. “Nicki, be honest. Do I need to paint you a picture?” Nicki just sat up in the chair and crossed her arms, pursing her lips together. “Apparently, I do. As I recall, your hands were on my naked chest and my lips were on your neck. Now, maybe you thought you were just playing, but if I hadn’t stopped us, we would have wound up in bed together.” He pushed his chair back from his desk. “You know it, and I know it. So let’s stop playing this game.”

Nicki drew in a deep breath. “Yeah, but we didn’t, okay? And I figure if we didn’t, then it doesn’t count.”

Sean grabbed the telephone that sat on his desk and pulled it toward Nicki. “Then here. Let’s call Jesse and see if that all sounds innocent to him.”

Nicki felt her blood vessels constrict. “Jesus, Sean. What does it matter? Seriously. So it happened. It’s in the past. Why do we have to make a big deal out of it?”

Sean licked his lower lip and rolled the chair close to Nicki. His knees didn’t touch hers, but they were close. “So you’re telling me you don’t feel the same way about me anymore?”

Nicki’s mouth went dry. “I…I didn’t say that.”

“See, Nicki, that’s the danger. You say you love Jesse, right, but somehow you’re not able to let your feelings for me go. Don’t you think that’s a problem?”

Nicki closed her eyes. She knew Sean was right. It didn’t matter how much she cared for Jesse. Sean was still there, still mattered to her in a huge way. She forced herself to think…by pretending for a moment she was alone. If Sean were to strip down to nothing right now and tell Nicki he was hers, what would she do? Would she take Sean in her arms and sh*t all over Jesse? Would she forsake the man who had said he loved her just for a quick f*ck with a guy who couldn’t seem to get over some weird hang up? She opened her eyes, prepared to give Sean the only answer she could.

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