Deleted Scene from FEVERISH

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Today, I’m saving more Notes from Facebook page obscurity. Hope you enjoy if you’ve never seen this before!

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Don’t read this till you’ve read the book!

Once you read this scene, you’ll understand why I deleted it.  In the couple days after their first time, Emily was going to be the first to return a clothing item…but it just didn’t work.  First of all, Emily was being too forward, telling Clay too much of what was on her mind.  It didn’t quite fit her character.  Clay was still classic Clay, but it wasn’t working for me, and by the time I wrote the last line here, I knew it wasn’t working.   I decided then that it would work better if Clay returned her skirt first and invited her to do something as friends only…and then he figures out that maybe she likes him a little more than she first let on.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.  🙂  I don’t save much of what I delete, but I did this one!

Late that afternoon, after Mary left for the day, Emily decided to return Clay’s shirt to him.  Yeah, she could have just thrown it in the dirty clothes.  There was a laundry chute in his bathroom, but she’d never been in there and wasn’t willing to brazenly walk in there.  Besides, it would give her a chance to talk to him about what had been on her mind all week.  She hadn’t been able to the day before, because Brian had been over all day—they’d been writing music together all day in the music room and then played a videogame all night in the living room.  They’d invited Emily, but it felt too testosterone fueled and she had some thinking to do.

The thinking was done now.  All that was left was confrontation and action.

She heard a song coming out of the music room.  It wasn’t until she got close that she realized it was Machine Head.  When she walked in, she saw him on the loveseat, his head resting on the back.  He was looking up at the ceiling, lost in thought.  She almost blushed, remembering he’d had her on those cushions completely naked just days ago.


She kept walking toward him until she caught his eye.  He sat up.  “What’s up?”

She felt like a shy little kid, but she forced herself ahead.  She was grinning as she held out her hand with his shirt.  “I figured you’d like this back.”

He leaned forward and returned her smile.  “Sure you don’t want to keep it?”

She shoved her hands in the back pockets of her jeans; otherwise, she knew she’d start fidgeting.  “I thought maybe a trade.”

Clay shook his head.  “F*ck.  That’s right.  I still have your skirt.”

Emily tilted her head.  “Well, yeah…but that’s not what I’m talking about.”

His brow hung low over his eyes.  “Spit it out.”

She closed her eyes and bit her lip, summoning all the courage she had.  She was going into business.  She’d have to get good at giving any kind of news without any emotions involved.  She’d been practicing maintaining a cool exterior over the last couple of years, but she hadn’t quite mastered it.  She drew in a long breath and forced her eyes to look in his.  “I, uh…”  She shook her head to clear it.  “I don’t know how you feel about it all, but I can’t stop thinking about Sunday.  I’m…not saying I want anything permanent.  I’m sure you don’t.  I get that.  But I wouldn’t object if, uh, we—”

The words might have escaped her, but Clay was already standing.  He was acting as cool as she’d been trying but failing to be.  He was in front of her and he was taking her breath away.  “No, that’s cool.”  He cleared his throat.  “I’m sure you still want to see if you can work it out with your fiancé.  I don’t want to get in the way of that, but I have to agree with you.  I wouldn’t mind seeing how this all plays out.”

Okay, not quite what she was going to say but he got the gist.  It was refreshing being able to just lay it all on the table.  “Should we set some ground rules?”

He started laughing.  “Like what?”

~ ~ ~

What?!?!  You just finished reading this deleted scene and you’re telling me you’ve never read Clay’s story???  OMG, then you have to get it NOW!  🙂

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