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I had already published about fifteen books when I was compelled to write Bullet. Little did I know at the time that it would capture the imagination of my readers like no other book I had written either before or since.  I still receive email, messages, and comments on various social media posts that tell me this book continues to be well loved by those readers whom it enchanted.

Since then, a lot of readers have gobbled up the other books I’ve written in the series, although there is one more coming (that would be Zane’s book, already plotted in my head, though I haven’t written a word about it yet).  If you’ve missed any, these are the books in the series thus far:

#1 Bullet
#2 Rock Bottom (a story about Ethan)
#3 Feverish (a story about Clay)
#4 Fully Automatic (Bullet retold from Brad’s point of view.  Some readers will tell you it is a simple retelling, but it is not!)
#4.5 Christmas Stalkings (a novella)
#5 Slash and Burn (a story about Nick…and one that apparently made several readers uncomfortable, due to the nature of the relationships in the book)

But I digress.  I started out this post with one thought in mind–to let you know of an idea I’d had to commemorate Bullet.  I am considering releasing a one-time-only special edition of Bullet.  This already huge book would come with a whole lot more in this special edition.  It would, first, be available only in paperback and every copy would be signed.  It would have a whole lot of extras–short stories and alternate point of view scenes.  It would also have an extra chapter that would only be available in this edition.  After all, if I’m going to make it special, I want it to be worth your precious pennies.  But I also understand that, no matter how readers feel about the book, many wouldn’t want to buy a special edition anyway.

So here’s how you can help me. As much as I love this idea, I want to determine if it’s worth the time or effort or cost involved to create a special edition.  If you wouldn’t mind giving me another thirty seconds of your time to help out, that would be great.  I’ve put together a small survey in Google forms to help me make that decision.  It only has three quick questions and just two of them require an answer.  I tried to make it painless for you but helpful to me.

Want your say in what I do next?  Here’s your chance.  Take less than a minute and complete this form.  Share with friends you know also loved the book if you’re so inclined…and then keep your eyes peeled.  🙂

Google doc questionnaire:


Thank you for your help!!!

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