Nicki Sosebee Marathon Day 2

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Last night, close to midnight, I posted to Facebook that I’d successfully met my day one goal, and that was to write 12,000 words in the next Nicki Sosebee book, Lies.  I did it, but I was so tired that I just crawled into bed after that post.  I’m still tired today and don’t have much time to write before I have to tend to some real life obligations, but my goal today is 10,000 words, and I need to try to have them down by noon Mountain time.  It is almost 7:00 am.  Can I do it?  Only time will tell, but here are my opening stats for the day:

Today’s word count goal: 10,000
Words written today: 0
For overall word count of 22,000
Starting word count today: 12,022
Total chapters so far: 6
Total word count goal: 42,000

Oh…how about one tiny little snippet–the opening lines to Chapter One:

Thirty-one. Happy fucking birthday.
This would go on record as Nicki Sosebee’s Worst. Birthday. Ever.

I will check in tomorrow morning so you know how I fared.  Wish me luck!  🙂  I’m gonna need it!

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