Book Club Questions for LAID BARE

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I definitely think I’m on the right track with these book club questions. I’m part of a Facebook rock star romance group, and one of the authors asked what readers would like to do in the group. Readers said they’d love to do a group read of a book and then discuss it. Well…what better way to discuss than to read a few questions?

This week, I’m going to post questions for a book that was formerly named Worst Mother. Recently, though, I changed the title to Laid Bare and gave it a brand new cover as well, because I felt like the title and cover were scaring off readers. It now has a pretty cover and the description is no more or less accurate, but I do think it gives a lot more information. What do you think?

The blurb:

Randi Miller became the one thing her parents never wanted her to be: white trash. The man she’s sleeping with won’t commit; her kids have different dads; and she’s balancing school and work until it seems like something’s gotta give.

It does.

Except Randi feels ill-equipped to deal with the shambles of her life. It all starts when her daughter is suspended from the sixth grade for starting a fire in the girls’ bathroom and from there it goes downhill—fast.

Can Randi find the strength to survive when her world crumbles down around her, or will she be forever destined to live her life on the wrong side of the tracks?

The questions:

Don’t forget…there might be a few spoilers here, so don’t read them before you’ve read the book!

Randi has made a lot of mistakes in her life, but she’s tried to learn from them. By the end, do you feel like she has? Or does it seem like she just lucked into another situation and chose the right people to befriend?

The book ends without true justice for Sarah. How does the ending feel to you? Would you change it if you could? If so, how?

We see a little glimpse into Randi’s past relationships with Kent and Mike.  How is Justin different from them?  Do you think their relationship will continue to be strong?

What could Randi have done to be a better mother?

Did any passages or quotes stand out to you?

Do you know anyone like Randi?  Did you like Randi or any of the other characters?  Any you didn’t like?

If you could ask Jade one question about this book, what would it be?

The original title of this book was Worst Mother.  How would that have (or how did it) changed your perception of the book?

If you use these questions for a book club reading, let me know how it goes. If you come up with other questions, I’d love to hear them! Happy reading!

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