Teaser #3, Nicki Sosebee #10: LIES

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Lies…so close! We’re just ten days away, and I can’t wait for you to read this story. Nicki is BACK! And…here’s a little taste of her and Sean. Enjoy!


“Just…trust me.”

Well, she’d always trusted him and there was no changing that now. She nodded as he relaxed but left his hand on her upper arms while searching her eyes for confirmation. She nodded and he dropped his hands. Before going outside, though, he turned to the CD player that was on the shelf against the wall and cranked the music even louder—loud enough that they wouldn’t be able to talk if they’d stayed inside.

Once they’d walked out of the garage, Sean took Nicki’s hand in his BAMF hand and led her off the sidewalk so that they stood on the street, just past a car parked on the side. Jesus, it was hot, but she was going to humor him. She was starting to feel paranoid, though. “What the hell’s going on, Sean?”

She saw his jaw clench—not a good sign. “I got some pretty nasty information from BUFF.”

“Who’s Buff?”

“Not who. What. You know Travis’s motorcycle club?”

Well, Nicki had kinda-sorta known Travis belonged to some group of bikers, but there’d never been any love loss between the two of them, so she didn’t know too terribly much about the guy. He was a friend of Sean, though, one of his biker friends, and apparently what he had to say had to do with him. “Not really.”

“BUFF stands for Bikers Feeding Families. They deliver big meals to needy families once a month.”

“Okay…” Nicki wasn’t sure what he was getting at or why he was acting weird over something that simple, but she knew Sean. Nothing freaked him out—nothing—so for him to be acting a little…strange…set her on edge like hardly anything ever did. Hell, she’d seen him chase two meth heads out of his apartment through snow and threaten to beat the one he caught within an inch of his life—all half naked. She’d seen him in scary, compromising positions, things that would send most people running for the hills. What the hell had him so goddamned jumpy?

“Anyway, some of these families they deliver to…they’re fucked up, Nicki.”

“I’m not surprised, Sean. Poverty is hard on people. I’ve seen it just in some of my reporting. Some of these people are beaten down hard and they have nothing to lose.”

“No, it’s not that.” A guy was walking on the sidewalk past Sean’s garage. Sean watched him but didn’t say a word, and as soon as the guy was a few doors down, Sean said, “Come on.” She followed him, also keeping her mouth shut, and watched from the sidewalk as he grabbed his keys out of his office and pull the bay doors shut, locking them. “Let’s take a walk.”

“Sean, what the hell?”

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