Book Club Questions for OLD HOUSE

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Some readers love being able to talk about books but sometimes don’t know where to start or how to share what they’re thinking with others. That’s why some publishers will list questions at the back of an author’s book, but I decided to share these kind of questions on my blog. My plan is to eventually have questions for all of my books, so stay tuned.

Today’s book is Old House.

Oh! As always…if you haven’t read the book yet, you might want to skip the questions, because they’re likely to be full of spoilers!

The blurb:

From erotic romance author Jade C. Jamison comes a horror story that you won’t want to read after dark… Ghosts can’t be real. Kenzie Sampson is home on Christmas break during her first year in college. She’s had more than the usual trouble adjusting to her new environment away from home, but she’s not about to tell her family, who have had enough to worry about, including plenty they haven’t told her. Worse yet, Kenzie discovers that just because you don’t believe in ghosts doesn’t mean they don’t exist…and she doesn’t know how to deal with them or her own demons as she adjusts to the old house that’s her family’s new home.

The questions:

Even though Jade is known for writing outside her genre on occasion, she herself admits she is not a horror writer and most of her regular readers avoid this book. If you are a regular reader of the horror genre, how do you feel about the book? If you are not a regular horror reader, what were your thoughts?

Let’s talk about the ending. Some readers “get” it; others don’t. Jade says in a note at the back that she struggled with how “esoteric” and evasive it was, prompting her to write another chapter that she hoped explain it without being insulting. Do you prefer the original ending or the one with the additional chapter?

Jade also debated writing what might seem to be a gratuitous sex scene but she knew her regular readers would have no issue with it. It also served as a trigger of some sort for Kenzie. How did you feel about this scene? Necessary or no?

Which character in the book did you feel you could most closely relate to? Why?

In the context of the book, are ghosts real?

How important was the setting in terms of telling the story? Could it have happened in a different location? What would have had to have changed for the story to “work” elsewhere?

What in particular seemed to affect the mood of the book? The setting/location? Characters? Kenzie’s state of mind? What was happening with her family? How did her unknown past play into her present?

What passages or quotes stand out to you?

If you could ask Jade one question about this book, what would it be?

Looking for book club questions for a specific Jade book? You can use the search box at the top of the page to look through tags for the book you’re looking for or you can click the tag below that says (or search for) Book Club questions.


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