Flash Forward Friday – Teaser from BOILING POINT

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Boiling Point (Feverish 1.5) will be here before you know it–next Tuesday!  Here’s a little teaser to tide you over…

“Have a good time?” Jet asked, cool as a fucking cucumber.

Emily shrugged. “I suppose.”

Was she just saying that or were she and Debbie bonding? Was Emily hiding something? Jesus…he was killing himself. Be fucking Jet. Be Jet. He closed his eyes and sucked down a deep breath, channeling that part of himself—and then he slipped his hand on her thigh just above her knee, reminding them both how much Jet loved his woman.

Emily looked over at him and gave him a small smile, but it slowly turned into a frown proportionally as his hand slid up her leg. He raised his eyebrows, unable to stop the amused look from taking over his face, and he mouthed, What?

She whispered, “You know what, Clay. Not here…in front of everyone.” He saw her let out a small sigh. “Last night was bad enough.”

Even though Emily frowned, he wasn’t going to remove his hand…

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