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Line F. Nielsen writes romance and poetry–and she’s also a university student. But she took some time out of her busy schedule for a quick interview!

Line, thank you for answering questions for me today. We met on Facebook a couple of years ago and have been friends ever since.

Anyway, I’ve read some of your poetry but haven’t had the chance to read your fiction yet. What impresses me the most is that English is not your native language, but you write and publish in English. What kind of challenges has that posed for you?

Line F. Nielsen
Line F. Nielsen

It’s actually funny you ask this because people usually ask me “Why did you choose English?” and I don’t have an answer for that. Truth be told, I find more challenges in writing in my native tongue. I always have. It’s like I could never be creative in the same way in Danish; the words I had to use weren’t good enough and they didn’t explain what I felt to the extent that I wanted.

BUT with that said, of course, there are some challenges. Though I think of myself as being really good at English, I was still raised with a different language so I’m constantly questioning myself whether my grammar will be good enough or whether I spelled a word correctly. Other than that English is just what I love; it’s even what I am studying on University.

What inspired you to write your first book?

My life is worth something too is a collection of poetry that was inspired by everything I felt and thought. It started as a way of letting go of emotions no one C5965DD5E8B24B8BBCCA843B28F6DECDever truly understood because no one knew there was such a thing as being a Hyper Sensitive Personality back then, and the more I wrote, the more a dream grew, until I realized that I wanted to help other young people to understand they weren’t alone in their struggles.

How would you describe your stories and poetry? What makes them different?

Well, we are never really that different in the end but what I pride myself with is that my stories and my poetry have a great deal of emotion in them. I write with emotion over everything else and I write what I know. I also use my gift as an Empath to write pieces that often shock people because they tend to be spot on. So, what is all me about my writing is that I put a little piece of my heart into everything I touch.

Do you have a bestselling or “breakout” book you’d like to tell me about?

Well, I recently began writing an entirely different project that struck me out of nowhere. I was in the middle of studying for my exams, when I had this dream one night that led to me getting up and turning my laptop on right away and before I knew it, the time was 5pm and I had written 8000 words in a day. I never did that before.

This book is written in a form I haven’t played around with before but it just felt right, you know?

It sets off sorta in the middle of a story. You find this young woman heartbroken after having been without the love of her life for two months. He just disappeared one day without a word and she has tried to pick herself up ever since, without much luck, might I add. He, however, returns but the girl obviously has some problems trusting him and as we go on the story jumps back and forth between present and past until you finally have all the answers at the end – why did he leave and who is he? It’s also features both her POV and his.

It’s quite an emotional book and I even cried writing some of the scenes, though I don’t ever cry over books, or movies for that matter.

BBA0A530B13E44248C61CA8F0A0CB478OMG! That sounds sooooo good, Line. What a great idea for a book. Speaking of which, do you have any other books on the horizon?

Yeah, I’m relaunching From the Shadows very soon; just waiting to get it back from my editor, then I am writing its sequel, which I just got the cover for, Chasing the Light. I have the new book from the earlier question coming out sometime this year (yet to be titled) and other than that I plan to have a spin-off novel for the Light&Shadows series called Chasing Colors and as my poetry never simmers down, there will be a fourth poetry collection at some point too.

It seems a good many authors struggle with writer’s block. How do you cope with that particular problem?

At first I just put my projects aside for a while, try to do something else to get out of my head, and if that doesn’t help, I try to push through it. I am of the opinion that no matter what amount of words you get down each day you write, it is a win because you can’t always be in the perfect mind to write.

Any rituals you perform before, during, or after you write? Anything you do to get “in the zone”?

How strange it may sound—I actually don’t have any. I prefer peace and quiet these days when I write and if hubby starts talking to me, he gets told to shut it. LOL   When I finish, I do like to get up and stretch and do some exercises or go for a walk, though, because you can get kinda busted in the head after having been in your own little writing bubble for a while.

Tell me about something exciting or weird that’s happened to you since becoming an author.

I’ll go with exciting. *smiles* I got to attend my first signing last March, which was super exciting and left me quite humble. I kinda went 84EBE0C7A7CD4775B622178ECEBC8C6Bin thinking that I probably wouldn’t sell much or get to sign much either, being a new author, but I actually sold almost all my books and had a few who came to meet me, which I really did not expect. I met so many amazing authors and readers, and it left me even more convinced that writing is what I’m meant to do. To realize one’s true path is something you just can’t explain; it just leaves you breathless and hungry. On the down side, though, it made me resent my education for a while. I study to be sure I am safe if my dream never comes true (Bachelor with dual focus: Main focus is English; Secondary is Marketing, Branding and Communication).

What else do we need to know about you and/or your books?

I always tell people to ask. Whatever you want to know, just ask. I am a super open minded person and I love to meet new people so never be afraid to write me.

Furthermore, I do a great deal of IG posts about being true to yourself, because I myself am both an Introvert and a Hyper Sensitive Person and I find it really important to stand forward, showing the world that there is no shame in being different. I might not have reached my dream to the extent that I want, but as I see it, the fact that I am able to do what I love to any extent is a victory that I had never dared to even dream about only five years ago and I believe anyone deserves to experience that feeling. The feeling that being different isn’t a bad thing but a blessing because you can create something not everyone can.

Line F. Nielsen is a Danish born writer who speaks English like it’s her second skin. She wholeheartedly believes in chasing your dreams with courage and soul.

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