Throwback Thursday: Then Kiss Me

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Then Kiss Me came out in 2012, and it was one of the easiest book titles I ever came up with.  It came from the scene you’ll be teased with here…

“Oh, so you like these guys?” I nodded. “Yeah, there’s definitely hope for you, Casey Williams.” I giggled.

He put the CD in the stereo and turned it up—not too loud but loud enough to drown out the noise below. The delayed guitar riff to “The Passing” started playing, sounding crisp and clear from those gigantic speakers. Scott leaned over and pressed the forward button so it skipped ahead to the next track, “In Your Words,” a heavier song that would better show off the capabilities of the stereo.I could feel the demanding music in my abdomen, in my heart. It was a visceral feeling that grabbed me deep inside and incited the animal inside me. “Sounds fantastic,” I said, closing my eyes to concentrate on the music.

I felt his hands slide around my waist from behind, and my abdomen, my thighs, my neck tensed in response. Oh, shit…I eased out a deep breath. He whispered in my ear, “You like it?”

A shiver charged up my spine. I swallowed and forced my voice to stay calm. “Yeah. Great stereo.” My voice was coming from my throat—hoarse and gravelly. I found my composure and turned around, his arms still wrapped around my waist. He leaned back a little to give me room, but we were close. God…the heat coming off him. I tried not to shudder. I was feeling playful, though, and I asked, “Are you coming on to me?”

He smiled back but kept his distance. “Maybe.” Then, “Why?”

“Because if you aren’t, I’m going to turn back around and listen to this CD. But if you are, I’m going to kiss you.” Holy shit. Had I actually said that? My heart started beating more rapidly.

He stood there for a second, the smile on his face fading into something else. I saw his pupils grow darker as I sucked in a deep breath. “Then kiss me,” he said.

When I moved back home, I was at my most vulnerable: no job, newly divorced from my possessive ex, and living with my parents…which might have been okay if I could get along with my mother.

Once I’m settled in, I find a job quickly—and a guy named Scott who makes my pulse quicken, both because he’s a sexy tattooed drummer and also because he’s an arrogant prick. I love him as much as I hate him—but I’m damaged goods and have no right to him. Besides, this bad boy has his own possessive not to mention his own issues.

Can we heal each other and find redemption, or are we destined to live our lives alone?

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