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You’ve been waiting for this book…and here it is:  Brian’s story!  And it drops on 6/25/21!

The boys of Last Five Seconds have fallen one by one—fallen in love, that is! But Brian already had his chance. Maybe love’s not in the cards for him…or maybe it is! There’s one way to find out.

Title: Slow Burn (Feverish #4)

Genre: contemporary romance, rock star romance, steamy romance

The cover! Slow Burn: release date 6/25/21

The blurb:

When Brian and Sophie meet, there’s spontaneous combustion.  
Too bad they hate each other.

Fashion model Sophia Buckley has despised Brian Zimmer from the first time she heard him speak…and so, without even getting to know him, she plots revenge, executing her plan perfectly. Playing a groupie, she engages Brian in a steamy encounter, only to leave him high and dry.

Brian figures she’s simply the mayor of Crazy Town, vowing to forget the experience and move on.

Except she won’t let him because she keeps turning up in his life.

Despite Brian’s protests, the band’s manager forces Last Five Seconds to engage with this woman because she has an innate talent for stirring up drama. Throw in the paparazzi, and both she and the band get some much-needed publicity.

Forced together, Brian and Sophie find their feelings for one another growing.

But it would never work. They are oil and water, not yin and yang.

So why do they keep ending up in each other’s life? In each other’s bed?

When Sophie cuts Brian to the quick in a very public way, he finds the fuel to walk away for good. But will he really be able to stay away?

An excerpt:

“I just have one question for you.”

“I owe you that much.”

“Damn right you do.”  Godd*mmit.  The way she cocked her eyebrow was going to drive him f*cking crazy with lust.  How the hell did she have that kind of control over him?  But he sucked down another deep breath and then assessed her coolly, leaning back in the chair, finally crossing his arms like he’d wanted to earlier.  “Just how smart are you, Sophia Buckley, that you’d go all crazy and do the sh*t you did?”

Finally, she had no words.  Speechless.

“Seriously, crazy—like insane asylum level sh*t.  Did you have a sh*tty childhood?  Were you bullied?  What the hell was that all about?  Going undercover, watching my band, drawing me out.  You are seriously demented.  I bet you don’t even like our band.”  He stood then, aware that his voice was on the verge of getting too loud for this crowd of business people spending an hour away from their offices.  “But…apology accepted, Ms. Buckley.  You obviously need the help of a professional.  So,” he said, leaning over, close enough to see the actual glare hidden behind her sweet expression, “I bid you adieu, and I hope you find the help you so desperately need.”  After taking a step away, he turned back quickly and said, “One more thing.  You might consider going back to school.  I think you missed the critical thinking portion of college.”

With a smile, he bowed as a final insult and then made his way through the restaurant.  He caught some eyes on him, but he didn’t know if it was because of his appearance—because, even with the short hair, his fully tatted arms were on display—or if he’d maybe been a little louder than he’d intended.

And even though the place was carpeted, he imagined he could hear her heels pounding behind him.  Oh, yes, he knew he’d made her angry—and that made a fire burn deep in his belly.  How would he ever quench it?

Did he really want to?

By the time he got to the lobby, she grabbed him by the elbow, so he turned slightly, and she started jabbing him in the chest with her blood-red fingernail to punctuate her every word.

“Hold on, Brian.  You don’t get to say a bunch of stuff like that and then just walk off.  I humbled myself to you to apologize and you’re not even taking it seriously.”  Godd*mn, she was gorgeous and, in that moment, he could actually see her as a lawyer, fighting for a client who was guilty as hell but almost convincing the jury to not believe anything they’d heard.  “What if I was a supermodel—not like Cookie but the likes of Elle Macpherson or Naomi Campbell—and what if I said all metal bands sucked?  That all of you were dumb and evil Satan worshippers?”

This was almost fun, pulling her strings and watching her anger escalate.  “You’re entitled to your opinion, Sophia, and I’d hope that my fans wouldn’t give a sh*t what a dumb supermodel thought.”

If there had been a temperature gauge over her head indicating how heated she was feeling, the mercury would have been at the top—and he loved it…

Is Sophie Brian’s true love? Find out next week!

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***PLEASE NOTE: this title will move into Kindle Unlimited shortly after release day***

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