In a nutshell: The longest Nicki book is also the sexiest!

Nicki, now disillusioned, realizes that she is but a tiny cog in a big machine, and she begins to feel like she’s going to be swallowed up. As she opens her eyes to all that’s around her, her life begins to fall apart. She loses her car, her apartment, and almost loses her job, all to circumstances beyond her control, and the bad guys have nothing to do with it. But, through adversity, Nicki learns what she’s made of. She begins to dig deep into the underbelly of Winchester, and she finds that the drug trade isn’t just for the junkies.

Keep a fan nearby ’cause this Nicki book is hot, hot, HOT!!!

Cool facts: This is the longest Nicki Sosebee book so far and by far. A lot needed to happen to get from A to Z, and that’s why it was so long!


Nicki Sosebee: A modern girl who works hard and plays even harder.

Sean Ramsey: Nicki’s drool-inducing best friend who keeps Nicki in the friend zone.

Jesse Roberts: Nicki’s hot ex-boyfriend…they’re trying to figure out how to be just friends, but it’s a little awkward.

Jillian Carpenter: One of Nicki’s BFFs, Jillian’s life reminds Nicki exactly why she wants to stay single and childless.

Brandy King: One of Nicki’s BFFs, Brandy pulls no punches when she tells Nicki the girl’s got to get over Sean and move on. And Brandy might be a newlywed, but she still likes to hear all about Nicki’s sexual pursuits.

Neal Black: Nicki’s editor at the Winchester Tribune.

Detective Nathan Wright: A policeman who sometimes helps Nicki…and sometimes doesn’t.

Mercedes: A hooker who tells Nicki what she knows, putting her own life in danger.

T: A huge, scary-looking drug dealer who tells Nicki a little too.

Seth: A twenty-something college student who doesn’t plan to miss his opportunity with Nicki for the second time.


Sean picked up the remote and switched the TV off. He threw the remote back on the coffee table. The look on his face was serious. He took another drink of his beer and held the empty bottle in his right hand. He sighed. “Nicki, I know times are hard on you right now, and I want you to know I’ve got your back, but I don’t know how much longer I can share my apartment.”

His words felt almost like a slap in the face. “What…? Why? Did I do something?”

He cleared his throat and considered the bottle, as though it were an ancient relic found in the Middle East. He shook his head. “No…I know you’re just being yourself.”

“Then what, Sean?”

He looked up from the bottle. “I…I just can’t take it anymore, Nicki. I know you’re trying to be considerate, but I know every single time you had guys over. I know what you’re doing in there. It drives me crazy. And…I can’t take the sh*t you wear either.”

She felt confused. “What do you mean? Perfume or clothes or…?”

“No. I mean your god*mned legs. I can’t look at your bare legs anymore.” Oh, f*ck. She’d overplayed her hand, and now she was going to pay. She didn’t say a word, because she didn’t know where he was going. “I can’t stand thinking about you anymore, Nicki, and I’m going to give in if you stay here.”

She placed her hands on his cheeks. “What’s so wrong about that, Sean? Why can’t you just give in then, for God’s sake?”

She felt his jaw tense underneath her hands. “I’m not going to.” His eyes drilled into hers. “I’m sorry, Nicki, but you’re going to have to move out.”

She felt her breath catch in her throat. It felt as though a knife had plunged into her chest, and she felt cold. She stood, maintaining all the dignity she could, and picked her glass up off the coffee table. “Fine.” She walked out of the room and into her bedroom, willing back the tears.

So f*cking what? Why the hell was Sean such a p*ssy when it came to her? She had to move because he couldn’t stand thinking about her? Well, fine. She’d move in with her parents if she had to. No way was she going to be treated like dirt just because Sean couldn’t be a man.

She rifled through her dresser drawers and found an oversized t-shirt and pair of gray sweatpants. Wouldn’t want to be accused of looking sexy. She took them with her to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

She stayed in longer than usual, letting the warm water wash away her tears and pain along with the grease from Napoli. She knew now that her fantasy of Sean would never happen, and she knew Brandy and Jillian would be happy to hear that. But she was done. She felt so much anger, such thick emotion bordering on hatred for him right now…that she knew she’d never look at him the same way again.

When she got out of the shower, she toweled off and smoothed lotion over her skin. Then she dressed and combed out her hair. She planned to go straight to bed. There was nothing left to talk about.

But when she stepped out of the bathroom, Sean was standing in the hallway, blocking the route. She couldn’t bear to look him in the eye. “Excuse me,” she said with a coldness that shocked even herself, shoving her way past him.

But he grabbed her arm, stopping her. He turned her to face him. She looked in his eyes and felt the tears well up again. Be strong. She said, “I get it, Sean. I’ll be out of here tomorrow, okay?”

He bit his lower lip as his eyes bore down on hers. “No, Nicki.” A tear dropped from her eye. “Oh…don’t cry.” His finger wiped away the tear. “You don’t have to move out, okay? You were right. Don’t…go.”

Had she heard him right?

His warm lips pressed against hers roughly and she’d opened her mouth to consume his tongue before her brain had fully registered what he’d said. But she still couldn’t stop the tears from falling.