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Wow.  This past week has been crazy, amazing, and fun.  I am now (in my mind, at least) a bestselling author, at least by Amazon Kindle standards.  I’ve watched Everything But climb the charts, and it’s happened so quickly.  It all started last Sunday, the last day of September, when I woke up and discovered my book had made it into the top 2000 bestselling Kindle books; not only that, but it had also broken into the top 100 Contemporary Women’s Books.  That was exciting!

It didn’t stop there, though.  The book is getting all kinds of great 5-star reviews, starting with one on Tuesday saying it was “5+++ stars.”  How could that not make a writer’s day?  Other reviews “highly recommend[ed]” the book, and one reader commented that I had not taken a formulaic way of writing this type of book.

Now, in case you didn’t know, Amazon updates its bestseller lists hourly.  That’s okay with me, but it’s like a rollercoaster, and you never know when you’re going to climb or plunge.  It’s exciting, just like the amusement park.  Last Sunday, I really didn’t expect to get where I have, but as of this morning, here’s where the book was sitting:

  • #631-Paid in Kindle Store
  • #39-Books-Literature & Fiction-Women’s Fiction-Contemporary Women (Yes!  Freaking YES!  We’re talking ALL contemporary women’s books—hard cover, paperback, Kindle…!!!)
  • #92-Kindle-Contemporary Fiction
  • #96-Kindle-Romance-Contemporary

Is it any wonder I’ve been so jazzed the past week?  And, what’s worse, I’ve been so excited, I can barely concentrate.  I’ve been picking away at Blind (and really need to get on track so it releases on schedule), but not like I should!

However, the craziness of this second Tangled Web book has prompted lots of readers (some of them new readers) to ask if and when I will write another book or books in the series.  I’ve decided YES!  I had such a good time writing Everything But, and I hope it shows.  It was entertaining and fun to write, and I hope future books will be the same.  First off, sometime in 2013, I plan to write Kiefer’s story, and then afterward Trent.  Yes, I know you know practically nothing about Trent, so I’ll have to remedy that with Kiefer’s story.  I don’t have a title yet, but I wanted to give you an update.

So…just to reiterate my writing schedule (and probable release dates) over the next several months:

  • 10/31/12:  Blind (Nicki Sosebee #8)
  • 11/30/12:  Quickies (short story collection)
  • 12/31/12:  Old House (horror story)
  • 1/31/13:  Nicki Sosebee #9 (no title yet)
  • 2/28/13:  Next Tangled Web book (no title yet)

Wish me luck! 🙂  Here’s to lovin’ that rollercoaster!

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    • Jade

      Happy birthday early, Lisa! Maybe I could at least shoot to have Nicki done by then! 🙂

  1. Stephanie Woleslagle

    I can’t wait to read ALL of them! I love reading you books! Especially the Nicki Sosebee series.

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