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Just for the record, I write for you.  YES, you!

But I also write for me.  That means that sometimes my plans change.  And I’m sorry for that.  I’m going to be switching around my book writing plans based on a fire burning in my belly, but I wanted to give you a heads up.

Blind (Nicki Sosebee #8)–still on target to be my next new release, and I’m still shooting for a 10/31/12 release date, but I may be a little late on that.  I’m trying, though!  Bear with me!!!  I’ve had a lot of stuff in my pain-in-the-butt real life slowing me down, but don’t worry.  I’m hoping the content will more than make up for any extra wait you might have.  This one has been difficult but fun to write.  I’m relishing the whole Sean-Nicki romance.  🙂

Quickies (short story collection)–I’m going to back burner this.  The main reason why is because November is NaNoWriMo, and I don’t want to “waste” that valuable writer-connection (write your a$$ off) time writing a collection of short stories that’s already half done.  I’d rather focus on a full-length novel in November, and that’s the plan.  So…look for this later on.

Old House (horror story)–this is the book I intend to focus on in November.  I already have two solid chapters to it and a full (though loose) plot.  Kenzie, college student who’s had a helluva disturbing semester, comes home at Christmas to visit her family, their new house, and an old (HOT!) high school friend. She finds out that there’s a lot more to the house than her family warned her about…

Nicki Sosebee #9 (no title yet)–I’m going to try to release this one by 12/31/12.  Look for a big Jesse surprise in this one…

Next Tangled Web book (no title yet)–1/31/13

If all goes according to plan, here are my other loose plans:

  • 2/28/13–Nicki #10
  • 3/31/13–Quickies
  • 4/30/13–tentative title Bullet–yet another rock star story.  I wrote this book a LONG time ago.  I’ve scrapped most of it and it was never going to see the light of day, but I figured out a way to make it work.  If you like my other rock star books, you’ll love this one.
  • 5/31/13–Nicki #11
  • 6/30/13–Tangled Web#4

Whew.  I’m tired just thinking about it.  So I’d better keep up with the mad pace.  Love you guys!

Oh, and in case you hadn’t already seen it on my Facebook page, here’s the new MADversary cover:

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  1. karen

    I was so very upset to find that Madversary was over. It just sstopped and there is not another one.? Why? That was areal bummer, I hate when authors do that!!

    • Jade

      Hi, Karen,

      Thanks for your input. Can you explain to me more what you mean? A couple of people have made the same type of comment, so I’d love to understand, because feedback is one way I can improve!


      • Jade

        I had a thought. Karen, are you maybe referring to the free preview on Goodreads? If so, I have great news for you that there’s a whole lot more story. I sure hope that’s it!

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