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Oh, God.  I wish I wouldn’t read my reviews.  I really wish I wouldn’t.  Eventually, once one of my books starts getting some of the more critical ones, I do stop.  But I can’t help myself starting out.

I used to read them all, because my thought was that if a reader went to the trouble of writing a review, it might have advice for me.  After all, “the customer is always right.”

But I’m calling bullsh*t.

Some reviews (not just for my books, mind you—I’ve seen it happen with other authors as well) can be downright hateful.  My thought has always been that folks are entitled to their opinions, including if they feel the need to be nasty, but that doesn’t mean I have to read it.

That said, I usually read early reviews.  I just can’t help myself.

And I’ve been FLYING HIGH with the reviews Feverish has received. Yes, I’ve gotten a couple of lukewarm ones and one that said the reader flat-out hated the book (she said she felt that she had been “lied to” because everyone but herself liked the book), but it was doing great on Amazon.

And then…the first one-star review.

It’s always bound to happen.  That old saying “You can’t make everyone happy” exists for a reason.  No matter how fantastic I or a lot of readers think one of my books is, someone is going to hate it.  That’s a given.  The first one-star review Feverish received on Amazon, though, left me scratching my head.  The reader was complaining that, because Bullet was written in first person, Rock Bottom and Feverish should also have been written in first person.  First off, this person is obviously not familiar with my entire catalog of books.  Only two have been fully first person—Bullet and Then Kiss Me—and I’ll even give you that a large chunk of Quickies was written in first person.  However, that leaves eighteen of my books that were—you guessed it—written in third person.  I won’t say never, but I will probably never write a book told from the male’s perspective in first person.  I am not a man.  While I feel confident enough to write third person from a man’s perspective, I do not feel up to the task of writing first person point of view in a man’s voice.

Again, this reader is entitled to her opinion and I will not address her directly.  I would never do that, because I don’t feel it’s right.  I needed to vent, though.  I wanted to ask her why she didn’t read the sample first and then decide it wasn’t for her.  Actually, she probably did, because it’s not a verified purchase.  I just feel like reviews should be legitimate, if that makes any sense.  Bullet got a one-star review early on from one reader who said she was giving it one star because others had—she admitted outright that she hadn’t read it herself.

But I digress.  The other point I wanted to make is that I write what the story calls for.  I feel most comfortable writing in third person, which is why a majority of my books are written that way.  Sometimes, though, a book calls for first person, and Bullet happened to be one of them.  I am not going to be bullied by a reader into writing something that doesn’t work for the story.  I like my heroines to be an important part of my stories, and that’s why both Rock Bottom and Bullet have dual points of view.  I am writing my first book told completely from a male perspective right now—Fully Automatic.  It’s told from Brad’s point of view (make no mistake, though—it’s not just a retelling of Bullet).  But guess what?  I’m telling it in third person, so…bring the one-star review.  I’m not changing it just because one would-be reader feels the need to be nasty.  I know other authors who might cave to that kind of pressure, but I know this—there are lots of quiet readers out there (meaning non-reviewing readers) who loved the book just the way it is…and those folks are the ones I’m writing for.  You don’t like my stuff?  Don’t buy it.  Don’t read it.  Go away and read something else.  I don’t want your business.

Okay, I’m shutting up now.  Sorry to vent.  I hope you forgive me.

I also need to stop ranting because it’s NaNoWriMo, and Jade’s got two books to write.  Oops!  Third person!

Love to you all—yes, YOU.  If you’re reading this, you’re one of the folks I’m writing for.

Oh…one more thing.  My blog posts will probably always be written in the first person…mostly.  😀

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  1. Nancy Jones

    Ignore the haters! Although you can’t make everyone happy, some people just want something to bitch about. Don’t like it, don’t read it, plan and simple. You just keep on writing the awesome books and your true fans will keep reading and leaving the 5 star reviews!

  2. Lynea

    Just so you know… I am one of those quite readers… I love all your books… You are a great writer ! Don’t ever listen to those people that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground !! Keep doing what your doing… !!

  3. Tammy R.

    I have to say that lots of time I, as a reader, don’t pay attention to reviews either. I’ve read books that everyone was raving about and I didn’t like, but I didn’t review them because of that. I’ve also read books that people have said sucked and loved them. I’m contrary. But, to get to my point, readers don’t tell the authors how they should write. Most of you are writing because you love it and hope others do too, not just to cater to some little brat. *end of MY rant* 😀 Keep writing awesomeness.

    • Jade

      Thank you, Tammy. I appreciate your little rant! I will keep writing, and I’ll write the stories the way they need to be written. Again, thanks for your support.

  4. Angela Craney (Jezabell Girl & Friends)

    I saw the “liar” review and I must admit I was shocked. If a book isn’t for you leave it at that. I often disagree with a friend over a book she has recommended to me. We are all individuals and what works for one person may not work for someone else. That said, the book I’ve disliked most up to now I gave 3* to as it was still well written even though the story was a complete flop for me!!! Keep up the good work. One or two negative reviews won’t derail your awesomeness 🙂

    • Jade

      Thanks, Angela. As I said, I understand critical reviews are part of the process. Everyone is entitled to her own opinion and I know my writing’s not for everyone, but the “liar” review made me laugh. 😀 I think someone needs a little therapy. LOL Thanks so much for your thoughts! 🙂 I try to ignore those reviews nowadays–just better for my psyche!

  5. Stefter

    I too believe that EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion about anything. That said, I find it completely disgusting that people feel the need to be disrespectful and hateful of other people’s work. If you read a book and didn’t like it, it’s fine for you to say so and to explain why. However, it does NOT give you the right to criticize the author personally or to say vile things about the author or book, or to suggest to the author how the book should’ve been written. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS JADE!!!! So, don’t let the haters bug ya!!!

    • Jade

      Thank you so much. You are so right. And, I have to say, writing about it helped me feel so much better. Thanks for the love!!!

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