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When you get down to it, I write about secrets…things people are afraid of saying, because they think it makes them vulnerable. Things people are afraid of admitting, because they think it shows their weaknesses. Really, that’s what my writing focuses on. Think about it. If my characters could admit that they loved each other as soon as they knew it, a lot of the conflict and angst could be avoided.

Granted, it doesn’t always work that way. In my upcoming book Finger Bang, there is no question that Kaylee and Blaze like each other, once they’ve made it past the initial awkward phase. There are other obstacles they have to face, and in this case, Kaylee’s keeping more secrets from her family than from Blaze.

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing this one from me, but I’m trying to figure out the secret to creating my next breakthrough novel. I’ve started calling Bullet my “magic book,” because it really has been. Not only did it surpass my expectations when I first released it, but I put it on sale this week and it has sold more this month than any of my other books this month (even my newer ones). It continues to blow me away. So I ask that damn book to tell me its secrets. I’d thought (erroneously maybe) that if I was “discovered” from one book, it would mean readers would want more. Some do. I have some faithful readers, and I am so grateful for them (you, yes, you, because I know you’re reading this!), but I won’t be able to write exclusively if I can’t break through the next level. I’ve been trying–believe me, I’ve been trying.

So I’m asking you, my readers. You have a different perspective from me. I’ve asked bloggers and other readers, and I often get the answer that the market is “oversaturated” right now, so no one’s selling anything. I wish I could believe that’s true, but I see plenty of other authors selling lots of copies just fine. I can’t figure out what they’re doing, and I haven’t asked them, because I don’t know that they’re willing to give up their secrets. Maybe too they’re like I am–they think they’ve figured it out, but maybe they haven’t either.

That’s why I’m asking you. When you see a top indie writer and then you see me, can you tell the difference? Can you pinpoint what it is that I’m not doing? If you know, feel free to tell me. I am all ears…unless you want to keep it a secret. 🙂

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  1. Pauline Santoro

    First I have to say that you are a Top Indie Writer. I can tell the difference between your books and other Indie Writers. Your books are polished and gramatically correct. your characters have a history, and you always give us background. I love the fact that the Nicki Series doesn’t really leave you hanging, the books can be stand alones if you wanted them to be. I have one mainstream writer that I have read since she started writing, I love her Scarpetta books. Your writing reminds of Patricia Cornwells style. I love the fact that you have kick ass stong women in you books, who aren’t afraid to show their weak sides. I guess I don’t really know what makes one person like one Author and someone else like another. All I know is that I think you kick ass in the writing department.

    • Jade

      Thank you so much, Pauline. I agree–it’s hard to pinpoint why we love some authors more than others. I have my faves as well and I can tell you why I love them but not necessarily why I love them more than others. I will keep writing kick ass heroines, and I hope you always enjoy my books!

  2. Nancy

    I think some indie authors are relying on series or serials that end in cliffhangers to sell more books. I have quit buying books that I know have cliffhangers and are a part of a trilogy (or serial) until all the books are out. Another trend that is pissing me off is box sets. If I spend $10 (or more) buying separate books and then a box set is released (with extra POV’s or scenes) for .99, that seems like a slap in the face to loyal readers. I shouldn’t have to spend even more money to get extras that other people are getting for way less than what I paid. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind spending money on books but I don’t want to buy them twice! Here’s an example- I just bought a box set, from an author that I just discovered through a takeover, for less than $3. However, when I went to purchase it I saw the price for the books individually and they were appx $3 each. 4 books and a appx $12. That may not be a lot to some readers but I would have been upset if I had purchased them separately as they came out, only to find out a box set was being released for a lot less. Just FYI- the 1st two books have major cliffhangers (that’s as far as I have gotten so far), so I would have been chomping at the bit for the next book and would have felt compelled to buy the next one to find out what happened…which I hate! Make me want to read your next book because you’re an awesome writer, not because I have to find out what happens! I’m over that crap!!! Rant over now- sorry I hope all that rambling makes I love your books and your writing style! I buy your books because they’re awesome and not because you make me by adding cliffhangers! I can’t wait for Finger Bang (and more of my Jet/Clay and more Nicki and etc.,etc,etc…..) <3

    • Jade

      Nancy, I hear what you’re saying. You know I don’t do cliffhangers and I try not to slap my loyal readers in the face, because you are important to me. I also want to treat you the way I want to be treated as a reader!!! Thanks for your input!

      • Nancy

        After rereading my comment this morning, I realize I came across bitchy and I didn’t mean too. I really do support authors, indie or traditional! I read a lot and it gets frustrating when I feel like I’m reading the same basic story over and over, that’s following the same publication pattern over and over. I love the fact that your books are refreshing and different! I do wish for your sake that more readers would discover you and realize that!

        • Jade

          No worries, Nancy. I knew you were venting. I totally get that. Thank you so much. That’s my wish too! 🙂

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