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Some of you know I contributed a short story to the anthology Pink Shades of Words. I was proud to be part of that. I and sixteen other authors donated to this project to help raise funds for breast cancer research in the name of the Fifty Shades of Pink Avon Breast Cancer Team. It was on sale from February through May 2014, and now the rights to the story have reverted back to me. I might throw it in a collection someday but, for now, for those of you who missed picking up the anthology, here is the story that was my contribution to the cause.

~~~If you’re here looking for the story “Final Stage,” I’m sorry.  I had that story and others available online for a long time, but I have now included it in a collection reserved exclusively for readers of my newsletter.  If you’d like to get your copy of that collection–as well as hear from me on occasion–please click here:  http://eepurl.com/TOMCH

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