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I’m still converting old pages on my website to blog posts. Thanks for bearing with me. This week, we’ll be looking at everything Bullet! Today is the book that started it all, the very first book, simply entitled Bullet.

In a nutshell: What if you discover the man you want is toxic?

She tasted a little bit of heaven with him, and now they’ve gone through hell and back, but can their relationship take anymore?

Valerie Quinn is a naïve college freshman when she meets on-the-rise rock star Ethan Richards. He’s an idealistic, handsome, reckless young man, but he’s captured her heart. She doesn’t give up on him and eventually his walls crumble down. By the time Valerie has given herself to him completely, she discovers he’s damaged and may be beyond help. Can she save Ethan and their relationship before he implodes, or will he self-destruct and take her with him?

Trivia: The oldest book I almost finished writing. It was the first rock star book I ever wrote. I’d decided it would just be a rough draft sitting in the bottom of my trunk of writing, but then…inspiration hit and I figured out how to make it work!

Fun Facts: Here’s a mostly complete playlist of the music I listened to while writing this book. Basically, it’s just a list of all the songs fueling BULLET. 🙂 Some I was just listening to (because I’m always playing music when I write) and some were as inspiration (which I note below):

Here ya go:

Full CDs:

  • New American Gospel Lamb of God
  • Blood In This Moment (especially the song “Burn,” where Val realizes who she really loves [“There was a song in my head that played, one that would never be written, one I’d never sing, but one that my soul was singing for him, crying for him, one that would never not need him”] and “Adrenalize,” for the HOT scenes before!!!)
  • Shadows are Security As I Lay Dying (Jet!…especially “Through Struggle,” “Confined,” and “The Darkest Nights”)
  • No Time to Bleed Suicide Silence (Ethan and Val first meet)
  • The Black Crown Suicide Silence
  • The Cleansing Suicide Silence


  • “Tempest” Deftones (Brad and Val)
  • “Moon Baby” Godsmack (Ethan on guitar having an alpha male moment when Val first meets the band)
  • “So Hott” Kid Rock (Sweetheart Dance)
  • “Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero” Stone Sour
  • “Still Swingin” and “Where Did the Angels Go” Papa Roach
  • “Pleasure and Pain” Gemini Syndrome
  • “Soldierhead” Newsted
  • “Chalk Outline” Three Days Grace
  • “Forgive and Forget” and “Relentless Chaos” Miss May I
  • “Hollow” Alice in Chains
  • “Crewcabanger” Chelsea Grin (Ethan and Val get NASTY in the hallway!)
  • “94 Hours,” “Parallels,” and cover of Judas Priest’s “The Hellion/ Electric Eye” As I Lay Dying
  • “Everything Falls Apart” Korn

UPDATE 1/23/17

So have you listened to Korn’s new album, The Serenity of Suffering?  There is a song on there, “Everything Falls Apart,” that–had it been written back in February 2013–it too would have been part of the playlist.  So guess what?  I amended this list today to add it.  🙂  It’s perfect…the kind of song Val would have written to Ethan when she’d just simply had enough.

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