Blast from the Past: Bullet (The Series)

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I’m still converting old pages on my website to blog posts. Thanks for bearing with me. This week, we’ll be looking at everything Bullet!

Bullet began as a standalone. If you’ve read the foreword in the book, Jade explains that it is closely based on a book she wrote when she was eighteen. Obviously, much has changed since that original book, but the original premise did not. It’s a rock star book but unlike any you’ve ever read. One of the rockers is female, and the story revolves around the local independent music scene. Bullet has been called “gritty” and “raw” by dozens of reviewers, and Jade makes no apologies for that.

Once Jade was inspired by readers to turn Bullet into a series, she decided quickly what books would be in it:

  • Bullet, February 2013
  • Rock Bottom (Ethan’s happy ever after), September 2013
  • Feverish (Jet’s HEA), October 2013
  • Fully Automatic (Bullet retold from Brad’s point of view…but don’t even begin to think it’s just a retelling!), January 2014
  • Christmas Stalkings, a novella, December 2014
  • Slash and Burn (Nick’s HEA), January 2015
  • Zane’s HEA, coming in late 2015 or 2016


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