Feeling Thankful

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Like most human beings, I think, I tend to want to see the glass half full but often notice the empty part quite acutely…and, even though I feel gratitude that half the contents are still in the glass, I bemoan whatever happened to the missing half!

Without going into a lot of agonizing details, let me just say that I’ve spent the past two years like this–wondering and worrying about the missing stuff, instead of celebrating what’s there.  I have spent the past two months trying to readjust my attitude, and I’ve been repeating this mantra I found online:  Expect nothing; appreciate everything.

So, I just wanted to take a moment on this very special day to say this:  There are a lot of you–you might even be reading this now!–who have discovered me and “stuck by me” through thick and thin.  You read some of my books, or an occasional one, or you devour them all.  You peek in once in a while to see what I’m working on.  You might leave the occasional review on Amazon or Goodreads or Barnes & Noble.  To you, I wish to say thank youThank you for all you do for me and continue to do.  I appreciate it.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by your loved ones.

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