Deleted Scene from BOILING POINT

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I am constantly writing–if it’s not on paper or on the computer, it’s in my head.  But the reason I bring it up is that I often have dozens of story ideas waiting for me to write them.  I conceived of Boiling Point shortly after publishing Feverish because readers begged for more Clay and Emily.  I realized then that Clay’s band had stories of their own they wanted to tell, and the Feverish spinoff series was conceived.  A month or so later, a blogger friend contacted me and asked me to write a Valentine’s Day scene, and so I did (I’m including that as bonus material in the upcoming novella Boiling Point).  However, at that time, I also jotted the opening scene to the novella, but when I actually started writing the real deal late October 2015, that old beginning didn’t work anymore.  Why?  Well….probably because Clay and the gang appeared in Slash and Burn (Bullet #5), altering what had been “history” in my mind at the time.  They also appeared in On the Rocks (Vagabonds #3), and the old beginning didn’t work anymore.

Still, the old beginning rings true to the feel of what I was wanting to capture, and I know readers sometimes like a glimpse at deleted scenes.  Boiling Point will likely be published late March 2016 and out for pre-order sometime in February, but before that–just to whet your appetite for bad boy Jet and his trials on the road with his girl Emily–here’s the scene you won’t read…

~ ~ ~

Emily found herself drifting off as the tour bus made its way down the dark highway. Last Five Seconds had finished a show in New Jersey an hour earlier, and now they were headed toward Pennsylvania for their next concert. They had a day off in between, and Clay had told Emily he had some plans for them for the next day, but he hadn’t told her what.

He and Brian sat at the table near the front of the bus, Emily’s head resting against Clay’s shoulder. The other three guys were in the back—Devil and his long-time girlfriend had gone to bed in the bunks, but the other two guys were in the large party room in the back with four women looking to have a good time with some rock stars. Clay knew it would get boisterous near the back of the bus, and Devil and his girl were used to it, but Clay had tried to protect Emily from some of the seedier things that went on during tours. Since it was a short trip to Pennsylvania, he and Brian just decided to hang out. There was no sense trying to sleep. They’d be at their hotel soon enough.

Emily was drowsy but couldn’t actually sleep. Still, she wasn’t up for talking. She was nervous, frankly, because even though Clay had promised something special for the next day, Valentine’s Day, Emily knew nothing big would happen. The band was scheduled to be at a radio station the next day, followed by “A Date with Last Five Seconds,” a contest the radio station had arranged months ago with the band’s permission. Some fan was going to have Clay and the other four guys all night—who knew till how late?—and it made her nervous.

She probably didn’t need to be, but being on tour with the band had opened her eyes. Women were constantly throwing themselves at the guys at every corner. And she’d noticed how Clay’s eyes lit up when a barely twenty blonde with fake tits and a miniskirt that hardly covered her ass would approach him, asking for his autograph…on her boob or her ass. That pissed her off more than she’d ever say out loud.

~ ~ ~

Stay tuned for more Clay and the gang soon!  🙂

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