99 Cent Valentine’s Day Reads

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So much good stuff today!  Roses, chocolate, maybe a movie…and a lot of romance novels on sale!

All these books?  99 cents this week.

  • As You Turn Away, by Molli Moran
  • Diving Into Him, by Elizabeth Barone
  • Dream Trysts: A Sleeping Beauty Story, by Rosetta Bloom
  • Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold, by Demelza Carlton
  • Feverish, by Jade C. Jamison
  • Giving It Up, by Holly Dodd
  • Hunter, by Liz K. Lorde
  • Lessons in Gravity, by Jessica Peterson
  • Rebel Soul, by J.C. Hannigan
  • The Secret Affair, by E. Jones
  • The Water Kingdom, by Deborah Gray
  • Whatever It Takes, by Lindsey Pogue
  • What the Queen Wills: A Gender Swapped Cinderella Retelling, by A.J. Tipton

Some good stuff there!  But that’s not all.  You can also enter to win an Amazon gift card.  Intrigued?  I thought you might be.  Check it all out here:  http://maiettaink.com/treat-yourself/

Good luck and thank you!!!  May your day be filled with hearts and light!

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