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Just a heads up: this book review will help authors more than my regular readers, but I know some of my author friends read my blog on occasion, so I wanted to post this here!

I absolutely loved Nick Thacker’s BookBub Mastery: An Indie Author Mastery Guide. I’ve been trying to step up my marketing game over the past few years, and BookBub is one cog in that machine.

I picked this book up on David Gaughran’s suggestion, and I’m glad I did. In 2017, I tried to develop a “system” similar to what Thacker describes in his book for applying for BookBub feature deals (and enjoyed a modicum of success), because I completely agree with him. You have to keep emotion out of the equation. The chances are in your favor of being rejected (they can’t accept everyone’s books!)–but, following the system Thacker recommends–your chances of getting a deal are more likely. And he includes all the ways in which he researched and tested his theories, telling you what you might need to change if you continue getting rejections.

I’m all in, because it’s taken me a long time to realize that indie publishing today isn’t like it was back when I started. My books need to be seen to be purchased! While I have some amazing hard core super readers, they’re not enough to be my bread and butter, even if I could publish two books a month. And while I run some ads and do promotions, what Thacker suggests is any idea I might have had–on steroids. Will I try his system? You bet. I’ve already started. If you’re an author wanting to “crack” BookBub featured deals, then you’re going to want to pick up this book!

Less than a week after I started, I got a BookBub deal. So if you have a little bit of an advertising budget (read: can afford a BookBub Featured Deal) AND you don’t mind spending a little on an educational book, I highly recommend this one. In fact, this book is the second in a series, so I’ll likely be buying the first one.

If you’ve read it already, please tell me what YOU thought!

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