Jade has a lot (and we mean a lot) of s**t rattling around in that crazy brain of hers, so much so that even her rock star and Nicki Sosebee books can’t contain it all!!! Hardcore Jade fans love ’em all, and here are the other books that just can’t be contained!

Stating His Case, lawyer Samantha and tattooed construction worker Ryan, May 2011
Fabric of Night, amnesia victim Teri and down-home boy Bryan, June 2011
Worst Mother, single mother/college student Randi and bad boy Justin, November 2011
Old House, college student Kenzie and old high school friend Adam, December 2012
Finger Bang, college students Kaylee and Blaze working through her inhibitions, June 2014
Substitute Boyfriend, college instructor Elizabeth, pretend boyfriend Ridley, and substitute boyfriend Roman–which one will she choose?  August 2014