Blast from the (Recent) Past: Tangled Web 3 – Seal All Exits

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Seal All Exits

If you caught my blog post earlier this week, then you know I’m sharing old page content and turning it into blog posts so I can revamp other portions of my site to be more condensed and organized. While I’d never really gotten around to creating the page for Seal All Exits, I wanted to finish out posting about the series. As of now, Seal All Exits is the last book in the Tangled Web series…but, TW fans, don’t you fret.  I do plan to write more.  I have at least two more books planned for the series.  Writing SAE was like coming home—seeing Katie and Johnny and Erin and Riley again was fun.

In a nutshell: Heather Morrow has been fighting demons all her life, but the past two years have likely been her darkest. So when her friend Katie invites her to a reunion of sorts, Heather jumps at the chance, because Katie, one of the most down-to-earth people Heather has ever called friend, is the only person she has ever felt like herself around, and Heather realizes that she needs an ally to help her out of the shadows. Kiefer Steele, vocalist for Shock Treatment, has been battling some demons of his own. He’s been a nothing most of his life, but world-famous guitarist J. C. Gibson took him from his beach-combing, weed-smoking ways and helped him make something of himself…except life on the road has taken its toll. The only ray of hope in his life has been his continuing online friendship with Heather. The two met in person once, backstage at a concert, and their friendship has grown stronger. They haven’t seen each other in three years, though, and both have changed immensely. When they discover each other’s darkest secrets, will their friendship—and budding romance—survive, or are they destined to spend their lives apart…and alone?

Trivia: Readers who have been with me a while already know that I had planned to write and release this book sometime in 2013.  But Bullet happened.  Before that crazy book, I had a lot of core readers who enjoyed the Tangled Web and Nicki Sosebee series, but Bullet put me on the map, for lack of a better phrase.  It was definitely thanks to those readers who were spreading the news, because something about all the teasing I did about the book incited their imaginations so that people couldn’t wait for me to release it.  Shortly after Bullet exploded (I don’t use that word lightly), I became immersed in my first blog tour (prep for that task alone took a month), and readers begged for a series.  I agreed to do it for later and started writing Seal All Exits.

But the trail was cold.

I got two partial chapters but couldn’t get anymore.  So, I decided, maybe I needed to return to Nicki.  She could talk to me.

I still struggled.  So I forced myself to finish a project that was already half done (what became Quickies) and then began the second Bullet book…followed by the third and the fourth. The problem was what I called my “muse.” It’s an inner voice. Yes, I can force myself to write when that muse isn’t talking, but it’s difficult. The second Bullet book was difficult to write. I guess my muse was just being a bitch that year.

My readers had been waiting for Seal All Exits for so long that, even though it was difficult to write, it was time. This book was long overdue. And so, finally, after all that time, I released the book in November 2014. Sorry I made Heather and Kiefer (and my lovely readers) wait so long.


Heather stopped walking, so Kiefer slowed and turned to face her.  “Um…I have a proposal for you.”

He raised an eyebrow.  “Yeah?”

“Yeah.”  She drew in a deep breath and looked in his eyes, but he could tell it was hard for her.  “I, uh…I don’t want or need a relationship.  But I’m so glad you’re my friend.”

Kiefer smiled.  “Ditto.”

“So…just so we can get it out of our systems…why don’t we, uh, explore our attraction, but…when we leave here, things go back to the way they were.”  Kiefer drew in a long, slow breath.  Was she saying what he thought she was?  “That sound okay?”

Honestly, no, it sounded like a copout.  He thought some of telling her that, but he wanted her.  He wanted her to continue to be a part of his life and he also wanted to step it up a notch after what they had experienced last night.  This might be his only chance to convince her that a more intense relationship could be a good thing.  So he nodded.  “Yeah.”

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