Free Short Stories – Insatiable Hunger and Will You Be My Valentine?

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Happy American Independence Day, my friends!

This year, I once more contributed to the Pink Shades of Words anthology, which benefits breast cancer research.  This project is fronted by an amazing woman named Glorya Hidalgo who puts together the anthology (along with a lot of other projects) each year.  She gathers together close to twenty authors to write original material for the project.  I contributed last year (and then posted my short story here on my website later) and I contributed this year as well.  I also purchase copies of the anthology to benefit the cause.

Anyway, once the book is no longer available (and republishing rights revert back to me), the only people who can read those stories are the people who purchased the anthology.  You probably know that writers like to be read.  That is one of our main objectives!  Soooo…I am offering both these stories as a PDF download, no strings attached.  You can access them with a simple click at the bottom of this post.  One disclaimer:  18+ only.  These stories were written for a mature audience.

Consider this my gift to you for the 4th!  Here are the stories you’ll be getting (I donated two stories to the anthology this year):

Insatiable Hunger.  The story of a woman who considers herself a cougar and her willing victim.

Will You Be My Valentine?  Second-chance romance.  A woman who is running late to an interview discovers that an old crush works in the same field…and maybe they can let go of the past and try again.

I hope you enjoy them!

ADDENDUM, July 9, 2016:  Hello, friends!  If you’re here looking for these stories, I’m sorry.  I had them available online for a long time, but I have now included them in a collection reserved exclusively for readers of my newsletter.  If you’d like to get your copy of that collection–as well as hear from me on occasion–please click here:

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