Teaser #4, Nicki Sosebee #10: LIES

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Lies is here on MONDAY, February 29, 2016, the first Nicki Sosebee book released in almost two years. Are you ready? I can’t wait for you to catch up with her! In the meantime, enjoy this final Flash Forward Friday teaser preview!


“You’ve been drinking lots of water today?”

“Yeah. I tend to drink a lot when I’m working at Napoli anyway.”

“Good girl. And food?”

“I had half a salad around five.”

“Excellent.” He put on his featured smirk. “Did you have to shave?”

She couldn’t resist. “Yeah, ‘cause I’m a hairy beast.”

“What the hell am I gonna find when I get started?”

Nicki grinned and asked, “Where should I set my purse?”

“Wherever you like.” He turned to the counter and pulled out a large sheet of thin paper and held it up in front of her. “I think this’ll work. I probably should have measured it out before, but I’m pretty good at eyeballing that kind of thing.” He raised his eyebrows and took a deep breath. “So…the table. You’re going to want to take your shirt off and get comfortable.”

Nicki bit the inside of her cheek. Uh, yikes…she hadn’t completely thought it through. But she couldn’t act stupid, like she hadn’t thought of it. “Oh, yeah, okay.”

“Need a minute to get comfortable?”

“Um, no, I’m okay.” But he turned around anyway, being a bit of a gentleman. He was busy putting on gloves and prepping a bunch of stuff—she had no idea what and she didn’t want to know. Instead, she took a deep breath and turned around. There was a big huge mirror behind him, lining the entire wall, so he’d be able to see her…and he was going to see her momentarily anyway. She just wanted a few seconds to work up to it.

She could hear him doing various different things, and she heard crinkling and clanking, and so she inhaled and then grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, pulling it up and over her head in one fell swoop.

Thank heavens she was wearing a cute bra—a lacy white thing—but she often grabbed cute underwear when there was even the slightest chance that some hot guy might see it. It was an old habit that hadn’t died yet.

And, it just so turned out, a hot guy was going to see it, so it had worked out for the best. “Go ahead and lie down on the table there, Nicki. Be with you in a minute.” It reminded her a bit of a reclined hospital bed, but she couldn’t think about that, because that would make her anxiety worse.

She got in it and then tried to relax, finally closing her eyes. It helped her focus past her nerves. “Doing okay?” he asked. She could tell he was still facing the other way, and that also helped.


In a few minutes, he was right next to her, seated on a rolling stool, with all his stuff on a tray. He held the stencil up in front of her and said, “I hate to tell you this, but you’re gonna also have to take the bra off…unless you want me to tattoo it, too.” She looked down at her chest and realized he was right. What the fuck had she been thinking? He must have sensed that she was starting to freak out. “Don’t worry, Nicki. I promise you I’m a professional. I’ve tattooed just about every part of the body imaginable, and the parts I haven’t inked, I’ve pierced. I’ve seen it all.”

That didn’t make her feel better, but she knew she just had to get it over with…

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1SbdkOP

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1OZ3Yii

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