Reading Order of Bullet and Feverish Series (with a little Vagabonds thrown in)

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Recently, I had a reader send me an email, wondering where Boiling Point fit into the Bullet universe. I wasn’t able to give her a solid answer, because, after writing Feverish, I realized Clay’s band Last Five Seconds had its own story too (and knew I had a lot more writing to do in the future). So while Feverish should be read in the Bullet series, it actually is the first book of its own series…and that series runs “parallel” to the Bullet one. Confusing? Probably. But maybe this analogy would work best. Let’s say you and your best friend in high school had a “shared story.” That is, you could write a book about your adventures together. After graduation, though, you both went to different colleges and, while you entered into the world of work right after getting your degree, your friend got married and had a baby before finishing school (or vice versa). You both now have separate stories (series, if you will) that might cross over from time to time (maybe you visit her new home, for instance), but your histories run parallel to each other, although you are now both doing entirely different things.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing. Some of you already know that the Vagabonds trilogy is also part of the overall Bullet universe, thanks to On the Rocks (book 3). So…I’m going to give you here a loose reading order but please know that, so long as you read Bullet first (or, hell, even the Vagabonds trilogy first), you’ll probably manage okay. 🙂

This, then, is my recommended reading order:


Rock Bottom
Fully Automatic
Christmas Stalkings
Slash and Burn
Locked and Loaded


Boiling Point
And Feverish #2 (no title yet) is coming later this year!  So you might as well read the Vagabonds trilogy while you wait.  😉



On the Run
On the Road
On the Rocks

Now, if you haven’t read Bullet yet, the book I recommend you start with, you’ll be happy to know it’s free! Get started here: Bullet. Oh, and happy reading!

Have you already read it?  What did you think?

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