Check Out These Rock Star Romance Novels Published in 2010 and Earlier (the ultimate list of new rocker romance)

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Hey, my rockstar romance reading friend! If you’ve been following my posts for the last few months, then you know that tracking down old rocker romance books has become an obsession for me.


What’s cool about that, though, is that I’ve discovered so many books that I’ve missed from my past posts that I’ll be adding. But that’s also what sucks, because it’s more work. That being said, though, I know that rock romance was definitely a thing long before I thought it was. Keep reading to find out. I’m thinking I might still be missing a few, but I’ve managed to track down a bunch! Anyway, check them out.

Oh, and by the way…try not to notice how many books are simply named Rockstar/Rock Star. Hey! It was a new subgenre. Who could blame them? One more thing–unlike later books that came in 2011 and after, here you’ll see a couple of HUGE names. Not saying which ones…you’ll find out soon enough. 😉




















  • Rock Star, Jackie Collins – is it a romance? Ultimately, I don’t care. I’m putting it here because I think the late great Ms. Collins deserves recognition for first capturing on the page our obsession and adoration of rock stars. (I’ve read some of Collins’ works but not this one, and the summaries don’t seem to indicate romance, although it’s on the New Adult & College Romance charts on Amazon, so who knows? Ultimately, this is my list and I can do what I want, so here it is!)



  • Easy Connections (Cathy #1), Liz Berry (I found this book after I wrote the above caption about Jackie Collins’ book. Liz Berry’s novel is the very first one I can find–so if you know of a rocker romance book that came before, please let me know! And fellow author Heather E. Andrews concurred that this was the first she could find, so I believe this is it!)


  • The Golden Touch (Second Chance at Love #58), Robin James – reprinted as The Golden Touch, Laura London (after thinking I had found the first rockstar romance ever written, a reader–TW from Montana–alerted me to this one! At this rate, I’m wouldn’t be surprised if someone tells me about one written in the 70s!)

You might be asking yourself by now why I’m cataloging all these books. Well…what if you read a rock star romance you loved ten years ago and wanted to track it down again? This list might help! I’ve found a couple I only remembered the plot to (I couldn’t remember the title or the author–but as soon as I read a description, I knew!). I’ve linked to either Amazon or Goodreads so you can check them out.

And then, if you want more, you can check out my list for 2011. Or you can see ALL THE ROCKSTAR ROMANCE BOOKS FOR ALL TIME.

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