“When it comes to writing both slow burn and explicit erotica Mrs Jamison is the master.”

Neda Amini, The SubClub Books, in her review of Bullet


“Jamison once again provides balanced parts of steam, sweetness, laughter, and raw emotion…  The characters are all mature adults leaving the childish stuff out of their relationships….
I could not put this book down until I had devoured and savored every tasty word.”

Page Princess, in her review of Substitute Boyfriend


“This series is one of my go to series when people ask about a rocker book.”

Twinsie Talk Book Blog, Angie J, in her review of Bullet: The Complete Series


“I read each and every book of this rock series and reviewed individually but I have to say, it was (and still is) my favorite music/rock band/bad-boy musician series of all time. Each character had an interesting, complex and very unique personality but strangely enough, you could relate on some level with them all.
From lovers who made better friends, to drug addiction (as well as sexual overload), to making the music spectacular while trying to live and love with family and friends…this series had it all…and some of the hottest male and female rockers in fiction.
The author’s love of heavy metal music and the whole rockstar scene comes through in her stories and I highly recommend this series to readers who like a really engrossing and well written story to go along with their fantasy.”

Sue Banner, in her review of Bullet: The Complete Series


I’m hugging my kindle right now, beaming with what I can only describe as total pure book euphoria.
Have you ever read a book and just thought, ‘Wow, I feel like the author wrote this book just for me?’ Well… Bullet, for me, is that book!
There are two mainstay consistencies in my life, one is the love of reading, and two, is my total passion for Rock Music. Bullet incorporated everything I love, it hit every damn nerve – to put it simply, it rocked my world!
And, I will tell you why…

Kelly, Perusing Princesses, in her review of Bullet


“…you need to read the whole trilogy, in order, but I feel like this is the best of the bunch…and that’s saying a whole lot, especially if you read my review for On the Road. There is so much emotion, so much life, so much growth. You can’t even imagine how happy I am with the ending (though honestly, I want more….greedy and selfish, I can’t help it. Ms. Jamison writes these characters so well, they just become so real, and so hard to let go!)
…Pick up On the Run, then On the Road, and, of course, On the Rocks. And the rest of her catalog. You really can’t go wrong.”

LaDonna, Backstage Books, in her review of On the Rocks (Vagabonds #3)


I was very excited about starting this new series by Jade C. Jamison. I really enjoy her writing style and I was ready to be immersed in the music industry. This author does it right. She doesn’t just throw the rockstar title around. Nope, she gives her readers what they crave. You can go in knowing you’re gonna get the whole experience. The music that flows through the veins of the born-to-rock characters. The song lyrics that speak to you because you recognize the emotion they were written with. The passion of a music lover that flows through the pages of your kindle and reaches you as the the story unfolds. The excitement of being there when the magic happens….
I want only the best for Kyle, but knowing how ‘real’ the author’s stories are, I’m kinda scared to find out where she’s headed. I guarantee my heart’s gonna get a workout.”

Rosa Sharon, iScream Books, in her review of On the Run (Vagabonds #1)