On the Road (Vagabonds Book 2)

All that glitters isn't gold; sometimes it's just plastic pretending to be so much more.

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About the Book
All that glitters isn’t gold; sometimes it’s just plastic pretending to be so much more.
I got my dream, but you know what they say: “Be careful what you wish for.”  Vagabonds has taken off, and I’m fulfilling every fantasy I’ve ever had.  In a world of sex, drugs, and rock & roll on the road, I have it all.  
On the surface…
But things are falling apart.  Exploring the sexier, seedier side of the music world is thrilling and yet depressing at the same time.  Lately, Vagabonds seems more like a “A Bag of Broads.”  The girls are crumbling under the fame and the only man who means anything to me just may be a memory on the roadside. 
Can I save my band, 
Save my friends,
And save my heart,
Before there’s nothing left to save? 
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