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This giveaway was inspired by one of my Inked Anthology sisters, Stacy Gail.  When we did the Inked Halftime Party on Facebook last weekend, Stacy had a giveaway for entrants where they could name a character in an upcoming book.  She totally inspired me to do that too!

I will be writing Slash and Burn, Bullet #5, as one of my next three projects.  The story’s in my head; I just need to get it down on paper.  Oh, and I need to name some of the characters!

Slash and Burn is going to be Nick’s book.  I don’t have the blurb written yet, but I can give you an idea of what it’s about.  Val Hella, Val’s new band, goes on tour with Last Five Seconds to promote her band’s debut album.  Also in this band are Brad, playing lead guitar, and Nick on drums.  They audition women bass players and choose…Nick’s love interest.  I don’t have a name for her!  I’ve had a couple of ideas but nothing I’m thrilled with.  That’s where you come in.  Anyway, Nick has played the field for, well, forever, having a lot of fun, and nowhere near ready to settle down, but here comes this girl, and she’s Nick’s dream.  Not only is she as free-spirited as Nick, but she’s also bisexual, and when Nick finds out, he thinks he’s died and gone to heaven.  He’s in over his head before he knows it, though, and it’s too late by the time he finds his heart entangled.

So…what’s her name?  I’m hoping you can tell me.  I’m going to leave this giveaway live until October 15, 2014, so everyone who wants to enter has plenty of time to come up with the perfect name.  I’m collecting entries via Google forms, because I’m going to post this giveaway on every social media outlet I have.  Yes, you can enter more than once!

What do you win?  Well, a dedication to YOU in Slash and Burn, first of all.  You’ll get my sincere thanks.  What else?  An ARC (in Kindle/mobi format delivered directly to your reading device or app) of the book too before it’s published!

Want to be part of Bullet history?  Now’s your chance!

Expected publication date is either late 2014 or early 2015, although that’s subject to change based on the cantankerousness of my muse.  Thank you in advance for your help and best of luck.  Nick’s girl needs you!  🙂

To enter, complete the Google form here:  Name Nick’s love interest!

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  1. Rocky

    DONE! Good Luck, I hope you find the best name that fits with the story. And I am sooooo looking forward to Bullet series!

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