Blast from the Past: Tangled Web

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Over the next month or so, I’m going to be making some huge changes to my website.  Because of that, I’ll be getting rid of some of the pages I’ve developed.  They’re a lot of work to maintain and visitors don’t see them much, so I’m going to be capturing that info and saving it as regular blog posts–basically, I’ll just be moving things from one spot to another to preserve it.  I do intend to replace the page content with other “stuff,” but first I have to save it!

On that note, here is the page information from Tangled Web (the series):

~ ~ ~

The Tangled Web series began in late 2010. Tangled Web wasn’t the first rock star book Jade had written, but it was the first she was finally ready to publish. Like most of her books, it started as a “What if?” question: “What if a high school girl had a crush on her friend who had his own rock band…and his band became famous?” Obviously, it expanded and evolved…

The first scene in my mind was the Battle of the Bands, where Spawn of Satan is performing for their classmates. Katie is watching the band and is hit by the fact that her best friend has become her lust and she has no idea what to do about it. I wanted to incorporate that primal feeling that comes over you when you watch a really good band. You can feel the music deep in your gut, in your soul, and I wanted to mix that feeling with the fact that Katie is awakening as a woman and she finally knows what she wants. It’s all revealed in that scene, and that’s where it started.”

Obviously, the series has evolved from there. Jade realized early on that fans loved the book, and the series has been a top seller on Amazon. When she decided to write the next book, Everything But, response was immediate and overwhelming, and she has promised to continue the series! The next book (as yet untitled) is due out early 2013 (okay, so that was a bit off!). It will focus on Kiefer, the singer in Johnny’s new band, Shock Treatment. From there, you’ll get to “meet” the rest of the guys from Spawn.

Tangled Web: A Steamy Heavy Metal Novella: Johnny & Katie, April 2011
Everything But: Riley & Erin, September 2012
Punctured, Bruised, and Barely Tattooed (a companion novel), Stone & Kory, September 2014
Seal All Exits: Kiefer & Heather, November 2014

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