Looking for a Few Good People

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Nicki Sosebee fans probably already know that Dead Bodies Everywhere (Nicki #11) is right around the corner.  The book has been written since the first of the year, but revisions have had to wait since I’ve been working on other projects.  Sometime soon, though, I’ll have the task of getting ready to launch my third-to-last Nicki book.  I already know some of what I’ll be doing to get the word out, but this time, thanks to the suggestion of another author, I’m going to try launching this book with the help of a team.

No, I’m not sure what that team will be doing, but I have a few ideas–and I hope they bring their ideas as well.

If you’re one of my faithful readers and you like to promote books you love, please consider joining my Nicki launch team.  I’ve extended the application deadline to March 12, so you’ll have time to think about it.  You’ll find the application (short and sweet!) here:  https://goo.gl/forms/YLkGg5Q9E9dGKG503

Thank you in advance for considering.  Go, Nicki!  🙂

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