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Recently, I asked folks in my group a quick question just wanting to get a sense of if I should do something or not. They are a great group and their immediate feedback is always helpful. Based on their enthusiastic response, I wanted to ask everyone who follows me the same question, and it revolves around physical books. Here’s the query I posted in my group:

Inspired by a huge author, I’m considering something but want to see first if there’s any demand for it or interest in it.

I’m thinking of starting a Jade Book of the Month Club. Every month there would be a different signed paperback, some swag, and something girlie (like a necklace). It would be the same price every month and, if you didn’t want the book, you could opt out that particular month. The book wouldn’t be a surprise but the other items would be.

So, after their initial responses, I got excited and started putting together actual plans. So now it’s not a matter of if but when. I’m in the process of having my paperback covers updated, so I need to wait on that (I’m also refreshing a few interiors and even creating paperbacks out of a few books I’d neglected up till this point), but I’m thinking maybe by this fall I could have the Jade Book of the Month Club up and running.

If you want me to notify you when it’s a “thing,” you can leave your name and email address in this Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/7WULpl2ovfD15C9y2. There’s no obligation! I’ll just send you an email when the idea becomes a reality and, at that time, you’ll be able to check it out!

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