Too racy for Facebook? (What’s a romance writer to do?)

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These days, getting your book seen (and read) involves marketing and promotion. A lot of times, the easiest way to do that is to put a book (or series) on sale and then advertise it. But when you’re marketing your book to a new audience, you sometimes have to give them more than just the book cover. While a crappy cover will tank sales, good covers will tell a reader that your book is in the genre they want to read.

Selling, though, often involves more.

So nowadays when I advertise a book sale, I’ll run an ad with the book blurb or maybe an excerpt of a review to give potential readers a taste of the story or an idea of what other readers like. Other times, I’ll post an excerpt from the book (often steamy). I like to think of it like a movie trailer…only for books. (Yes, I know book trailers exist but you catch my drift!)

To the point… y’all know I write some steamy romance like many contemporary authors. I’ve been flagged by Facebook ads before, but most of the time it was pretty obvious why, and I’ve tried to be better. I’d rather catch myself before I break their rules. When I chose the excerpt I’m going to share in a moment, I knew it was steamy–after all, that was the point–but I didn’t think it would be rejected.

This week, I’m running my entire Vagabonds series on sale (all three books in the trilogy are on a “Kindle Countdown” with reduced prices), so I’m running some ads on Facebook. Obviously, one of the ads has been rejected, but Facebook bots flagged it for “selling adult products or services.” While that could be debatable, the bottom line is I’m selling a book. An adult book, to be sure, and this scene is steamy, but…

Tell me what you think! Too racy for Facebook?

From On the Road (Vagabonds #2)

One of the creatives I’m using on Facebook ads

When we were finally left alone, we bowled one game while sipping hot cocoa with whipped cream.  Before the tenth round, I asked CJ if he wanted to wager anything.  “Like what?” he asked.

“How about that sweet car of yours?  I know you could afford another one.”

He looked up at his score.  There was no way in a million years I could beat him.  Well, maybe a million, but it would definitely involve a miracle of some kind.  His score thus far was 168 and mine?  Well, let’s just say mine was barely over one hundred.  So I guessed there would be no way I could beat him at that point.

Grinning, he started to say, “You know there’s—”

“Shh,” I interrupted, placing my index finger on his lips.  “Are you man enough to take my bet or not?”

He chuckled and then sucked my finger into his mouth. Holy crap. That was hotter than it had a right to be, and I was pretty sure he read that reaction all over my face.  I forced myself to let the air out of my lungs while he released my finger.  Then he replied, “Fine, darlin’, I’ll take your bet.”

“Sweet.  I love that car of yours.  Now…what do you want me to wager?”  I chewed on my bottom lip a second before adding, “I could make some suggestions.”

He blinked once, slowly and methodically, a slight grin making his eyes twinkle.  “I’m sure you could.  Why do I get the feeling you’re being naughty?”

My smile grew wider.  “Am I that obvious?”

“Mm-hmm.”  Yeah, like he hadn’t encouraged it.

“Okay, so let’s take care of this last frame.”

“But the bet—”

“How about…”  Lifting my ball off the return, he held it in his palm for me to grab.  I stuck my fingers in the holes as he continued.  “I choose my prize if I win?”

So again I ask: is this too sexy for Facebook?

I guess I’ll never know because I’m not going to contest the “ruling.” If they’d flagged every ad I’d run, then I would have no choice, but I won’t worry about it. I’m just wondering what kind of steamy scene I could share that wouldn’t be flagged as “adult.”

Anyway…if you haven’t read the Vagabonds trilogy and you want to, it’s on sale now on Amazon!

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  1. Doris Bobholz

    I didn’t think it was too racy at all. You are right that a cover catches my eyes first and then a “suggestive” blurb sure pulls me in.

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