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It’s been a while since I’ve spent money on a latte. You know the kind…super sugary with a foam on top. Mocha or vanilla. The biggest they offered. All told with tip? Over six bucks.

I stopped drinking them because they are so unhealthy, not to mention ridiculously pricey. But sometimes we do things because we like to.

I bring this up because I spent $4.99 earlier this week on something that made me feel good—and I think it might make you feel good too. If you’re like I am, you like to donate to worthy causes when you can. Recently, there were some devastating wildfires in Boulder (100+ miles north of where I live) and when I was checking out after grocery shopping, the cashier asked if I wanted to donate to help. So I did. Every time they asked. My thought is that every dollar I donate, along with my fellow shoppers, can add up and really help.

So that’s what I’m doing now.

A group of authors recently put together a huge anthology where ALL profits go to a good cause. Not only have they dedicated their time and creative energy to composing stories that fill a book longer than 1000 pages (how many hours of reading, I wonder!), but they put their marketing savvy and dollars toward it, too.

If you’ve been watching the invasion of Ukraine, you probably wish you could do something to help. Now you can. All profits from this anthology support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine—and you can be a part of it by spending less than what I used to on a fancy cup of coffee!

The book? Turning the Tide. And, as I mentioned earlier, well over a thousand pages from more than 25 authors. I’m positive you won’t find any flat-out romance in there, but I already pre-ordered my copy anyway, because there are plenty of stories in there I know I’ll enjoy nonetheless. But maybe you don’t even care about the stories. You just want to make sure your money is supporting a cause you care about. You can do that here on Amazon (please scroll down for other booksellers)

It’s been heartbreaking to hear about what’s happening in Ukraine, especially knowing that so many families have had to leave their homes and witness the devastation of their country. One thing I will say, though, is that they are inspiring. Their will to fight is like none other—like a great novel! I stand in awe of how they all have stood together to save their way of life.

So, again, if you’re looking for a way to donate to their cause while feeding your reading habit, look no further! I was made aware of this anthology by D.N. Erikson, a paranormal/ urban fantasy author I follow because he is a marketing genius who shares much of his knowledge freely—and, thanks to him, I am also able to help.

This anthology is full of several genres—including mystery, thriller, and sci fi. So even if you mostly read romance, you still might find something in there that you like—and, even if you don’t, it costs less than the latte I used to buy. *whispers* It barely costs more than a gallon of gas. *wink* Even if I never read Erikson or anyone else’s story in there, I’ll feel good that I’ve donated to the cause. And I hope you feel the same way. To pick up your copy, click here to find your retailer:





Thanks for reading!

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