2013: An explosion of rock star romance novels

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2013 was HUGE. It was the year I published Bullet and attended my first book signing (Naughty Mafia in Las Vegas that August). And the rock star romance books kept coming. There were so many that year (many I’m sure I’m missing) that I’m just going to jump into the list. How many of these books have you read?

Sneak Peek at Love and Darkness

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If you read To Save Him in 2016, then you’ll be familiar with Love and Darkness. I’ve rewritten it, but not much has changed in the new version–save the touches I’ve done with the entire Small Town Secrets series tying all the stories together. In the meantime, though, I wanted to tease you with a chapter. Enjoy!

Have you read these? 18 rock star romance books from 2012

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By 2012, I’d already published nine books on Amazon and a couple of other places online. I’d even published a paperback. My bestselling book by far was Tangled Web—but by the end of 2012, that was getting ready to change in a huge way…

Calling all fangirls! 9 rock star romance books of 2011

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I’m going to make some lists with rock star romance titles for each year, starting with 2011. I know (now!) that there were plenty of books in that genre before I naïvely entered the scene, but I want to start with the year I began publishing and sharing the rocker novels I remember the most.